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Perkie’s Observations: Spencer Declares He's Done With Nikolas on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 26, 2022
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today’s General Hospital recap: Anna wants Lucy to exploit the interest Victor has in her to find out information on Valentin. 

Valentin joins the festivities at the picnic. Victor tells him the family is out of order and he needs Valentin's help to get them squared up. Valentin is not interested, but Victor invokes Charlotte's name, offering up another threat. Valentin gets angry and Lucy finds them arguing.

Lucy and Victor flirt back and forth until Valentin breaks it up with a reminder that she's dating Martin. Valentin asks about Martin's whereabouts and Lucy claims he's dealing with his mother. Valentin takes a photo of Lucy and Victor, flirting and threatens to send it to Martin.

Lucy heads back to Anna and tells her that she didn't get much information out of the Cassadine men, but that there is a lot of tension between them.

Victor tells Valentin to delete the photo and he does. (Almost like he was programmed to do so…weird.)

Ava tells Spencer that Nikolas betrayed her with Esme. Nikolas and Ava argue over who's fault it is that the secret came out, but Spencer insists on knowing the truth. Nikolas puts the blame on Ava, claiming she wanted to destroy his relationship with Spencer. He says she won't have the same with Kiki, but Ava smacks him in the face and storms out.

Spencer demands to know how long Nikolas and Esme were sleeping together, but Nikolas swears it was just one time, and a mistake. Nikolas points out that Esme said they broke up. Spencer says he was trying to keep Esme close to help Trina. Spencer believes this is about revenge, but Nikolas swears it wasn't.

Nikolas admits it was wrong to have sex with Esme, but Spencer points out that lying about it was just as wrong. Nikolas says he didn't want to hurt Spencer, who accuses him of betrayal. Spencer says he stopped loving Esme and she didn't matter to him. Nikolas did matter to him, but not anymore. Spencer says there is no closing the gap between them and he's done with Nikolas.

Yuri and Terry spend time together at the pool learning about each other.

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Liz shows Finn the call is coming in from Sarah and tells him to take it. He stops her from leaving, but she angrily tells him that she doesn't want his help. Liz accuses him of meddling in her life. Finn apologizes, but is concerned about Violet as well, and can't ignore that Liz is in distress. Liz says her distress is hers to deal with. Finn says it's clear that she has a problem and her boys are struggling as well.

Finn says he understands denial, having been an addict and he can't turn away when he sees her in pain. Liz says he's nothing to her and storms off. The next time we see her, she has a cut on her head and a bruise on her cheek.

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Felicia and Lucy update Mac and Anna about Dominique and Cody's history. Lucy's concerned about Serena, and Mac promises to look into Cody.

Cody and Britt make small talk and he asks about her father, which angers Britt. Cody apologizes and promises not to discuss any of her family members. Felicia and Mac interrupt to introduce themselves and tell him they knew his mother.

Mac says he was friends with Dominique while she was married to Leopold and Dominique was a good person. (Was Mac staring at Cody like he thinks he's the baby daddy?)

Austin and Maxie hang out by the grill, only to be interrupted by Mason. When Maxie steps away, Mason reminds Austin he has an obligation to fulfill, but Austin says his debt has been paid. Mason brings up Maxie, so Austin grabs him by the neck and warns him to stay away from her.

Mason grabs a knife and turns the table, holding it to Austin's throat, reminding him to answer when he calls. Ava comes across them and breaks up the argument. After Ava leaves, Mason decides he can't take the chance of her saying anything and goes after her.

Nikolas finds Spencer drinking and the two argue some more, which Victor comes across. Spencer's had enough, spits on the ground, and storms off. Victor questions Nikolas, who blames it all on Ava. (Seriously? Ava didn't put your hockey stick in Esme's net. Stop blaming her for your disgusting tryst.)

Ava heads to the boathouse and is attacked with a grappling hook. (We'd better not be losing Maura Freakin' West, show, or I swear...)

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