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The Bold and The Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson and Scott Clifton Talk Douglas' Custody Storyline

On August 26, The Bold and the Beautiful actors Scott Clifton (Liam) and Matthew Atkinson (Thomas) sat down with supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk for an all-new episode of Bold Live. The pair talked about their current storylines and what their characters are up to.

Currently, Liam's family seems set to square off against Thomas and his clan for custody of Douglas (Jango Ferri). Unsurprisingly, Liam isn't 100% #TeamThomas. Clifton said:

I think Liam has a little bit of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his interactions with Thomas, with Douglas, in the past and of course he’s always going to be wary; that's just the nature of their relationship now. Thomas and Liam’s relationship could always change; look at how Wyatt [Darin Brooks] and Liam used to be and look at how they are now, so there's always room in the future for them to not only reconcile but grow to love each other. But we’re not there yet, and I think Liam is just being cautious just because of the history.

Clifton said of the storyline:

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I think the show is doing a really nice job of painting the picture of how messy and complex and difficult child custody issues are. And people in mixed families and people have different types of dads and multiple different paternal roles and maternal roles. It can get messy, it can get sticky, and I think when you have a bunch of people in a family who are all–you know, the one thing we can say about the storyline is, let’s just sidebar whatever suspicions about Thomas Liam may have in the future or has had in the past. Really, all of these characters do love Douglas, right? That’s the one thing you can’t deny is, that every single player on the map loves Douglas. 

Is Thomas done obsessing over Liam's wife Hope (Annika Noelle)? Atkinson mused:

But I would say that I can only hope that he’s done with that kind of behavior. It seems as though... They’ve spent a year and half to two years really making sure that Thomas is finding himself and finding a better way of living and not being manipulative and not doing things to hurt people. But at at the same time, I think you’re always going to have this aspect of Thomas which is sort of—he’s a guy who, with the flip of a switch, could really let his emotions take hold and do some grim things. I don’t think they’ll be obsessive any longer but you still have—I mean, you can’t stick Thomas in a room with Sheila [Kimberlin Brown] after Sheila did something terrible and then have Thomas not maybe lose it. I think that there’s definitely a fire within him that could come out.

Watch the full interview below.