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WATCH: Ana Navarro on The View: "I Get Pushed Outside of My Comfort Zone" (VIDEO)

Ana Navarro, The View

The View co-host Ana Navarro will be a permanent co-host in Season 26. In a clip shared on the show's official Twitter account, Navarro opened up about getting real with the panel and the audience.

She explained:

Left to my own devices, I would only speak about politics, but I get pushed outside of my comfort zone and talk about pop culture and things that are relatable. And the thing about The View is that you have to open up about your real life and because viewers want to hear how it relates to them, how it relates to you, and I think what makes the viewers of The View different than practically any other network or any other show I've done is that they want to know you and they're loyal viewers who've been watching year after year, show after show.

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Navarro added:

Viewers of The View know when you’re up, when you’re down. They know when you’re sad, they know when you cut your hair, they know when you’ve colored your hair, they know when you’ve gained weight, they know when you’ve lost weight, they know when you’re in a good mood, when you’ve in a bad mood, when you're sad. So you’ve got to just come here and be yourself, be authentic, and I think give of yourself and they give of them.

Peep the clip below.

The View Season 26 premieres September 6 on ABC.