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Perkie's Observations: Dex And Josslyn Desperately Try to Save Ava's Life on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 29, 2022
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General Hospital

Evan Hofer, Eden McCoy

On today’s General Hospital recap: Josslyn finds Nina in the Quartermaine house and takes it upon herself to be as nasty as possible. Sonny finds them and Josslyn continues to run her mouth when she should be smacked and told to take a seat.

After Josslyn storms off, Nina thinks she should leave, though Sonny's not happy with how Josslyn treated her. Nina doesn't want another confrontation, despite Sonny's need for her to stay.

Anna interrupts to talk to Sonny about the illegal activities in town. Anna asks if Sonny knows what Victor is up to. Sonny swears he would give her any information on Victor if he had it. Sonny mentions Victor getting Spencer out of Spring Ridge, but has no proof. Sonny's proud of Spencer for doing the right thing and Anna feels he's a good role model for Spencer.

Felicia thinks Mac should let Cody know he was once involved with Dominique. Mac can't believe Dominique gave up a son, but Felicia reminds him she stayed at Shadybrook for a while. Both try to make sense of all of it.

Britt backs away from the Cody's kiss and smacks him across the face. She says Cody kissed her to distract her from the questions about Faison and Peter. Britt wants him to stop asking about her family, so Cody turns it back on her. He thinks she's deflecting because she's into him. Britt finally admits she likes him and is scared.

Cody doesn't understand her fear, so Britt tells him about falling for someone who she could be honest with and how he died. Britt admits the kiss made her feel something and she's scared it will lead to more pain. The two share another kiss. (Why were these two doing Covid kisses? We haven't seen that for awhile.)

Valentin and Finn come across a drunken Spencer wandering around the back patio. Spencer blames Valentin for causing all the problems. Valentin apologizes before leaving Spencer with Finn. Spencer complains to Finn about Nikolas, but Finn defends Nikolas and points out he's only human. Victor shows up and tells Finn he'll deal with Spencer himself.

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Victor tells Spencer he knows about Nikolas' tryst with Esme. Spencer mentions Ava was the one who told him. Victor's worried that Spencer might tell someone about the tryst, but Spencer thinks that would make him look bad. Victor asks what Spencer remembers from the last few hours and he admits a lot of it is a blank.

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Nikolas finds a confused Liz alone on the grounds, where she comes out of her fugue state. Liz says the last thing she remembers is being at the stables with Finn and doesn't remember how she got the cut on her forehead.

Liz tells Nikolas about Finn calling Sarah because he thinks Liz is losing her mind. Liz mentions Finn's obsession with her parents, then has another fugue moment and realizes she's losing time again. Liz brings it back to Finn and how she can't trust him.

Nikolas complains to Liz about Ava. He blames her for everything that's happened and says they're over. Finn finds them and wants time with Liz, but Nikolas is not having it. Finn apologizes to Liz and begs her not to shut him out.

Valentin runs into Nina and the two make small talk about her buying the hotel.

Josslyn comes across Ava bleeding on the ground. Ava begs Josslyn not to leave her. Dex hears Josslyn calling for help and is able to use his phone to call 911. Dex worries the paramedics won't get there in time. He ties a makeshift tourniquet and the two drive her to the hospital.

Olivia interrupts to tell Mac the PCPD called to inform him someone was attacked on the property.

Anna gets a call from Jordan about the attack and tells Valentin she'll be sticking around to help. She wonders if Victor was involved, but Valentin says it depends who the victim was. Anna gets a call from Jordan that it was Ava.

Sonny gets a call and informs Nina that Ava was stabbed and Dex took her to the hospital. Nina says she needs to be at the hospital with Ava.

Mac finds the blood on the deck of the boathouse and calls forensics. Mac tells everyone that Ava was attacked within the last two hours and needs a statement from everyone. 

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