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Perkie's Observations: Spencer Conspires With Victor to Protect Nikolas on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 30, 2022
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today’s General Hospital recap: Sonny and Nina sit and wait for an update on Ava. Jordan finds Nikolas yelling at a nurse, who hasn't given him an update on Ava, even though he's been waiting all night. Sonny and Nikolas get into it and Jordan is forced to remind them they are in a hospital.

Jordan wants Nikolas to go over the events of the night. Nikolas says he and Ava were all over the grounds during the event, and spoke with Olivia and Sonny. Jordan asks him when he last saw Ava. Nikolas says they were with Spencer, then Ava left. Jordan asks about Ava's state of mind and Nikolas gets angry about being grilled. Jordan says everyone is being questioned and wonders why Nikolas doesn't want to answer her questions.

A detective takes statements from Brook Lynn and Drew. After she leaves, Brook Lynn wonders why Drew seems distracted and thinks it has to do with Carly. Brook Lynn tells him that she and Chase are officially together, and tells Drew not to miss out on anything with Carly.

The doctor tells Nikolas that Ava is out of surgery. She is in serious but stable condition in the ICU. Nina begs Jordan to find whoever did this to Ava.

Carly commends Josslyn for saving Ava's life. Carly mentions that Avery doesn't know anything about Ava yet. Trina arrives and tells them that PCU dropped the Title IX violation and she can go back to school.

Josslyn tells Trina what happened to Ava. Trina worries about Avery and is grateful that Carly is taking care of her. Avery joins them and is thrilled when Sonny shows up. Sonny tells Trina that Ava's in the ICU and tells them Dex will drive them to the hospital. Josslyn tells them Dex saved Ava's life and wouldn't have made it had they waited for the ambulance.

Sonny and Carly explain to Avery that Ava was hurt, but she can't see her because she's too young. Avery asks to see Nikolas and Sonny decides to take her to the hospital.

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Liz talks to Finn about last night and how being near violence upset her. Finn wonders if she saw anything, but she didn't. The two discuss him calling Sarah and Finn says he had no alternative. Finn admits he was disrespectful, but Liz says he can't make this right. The two continue to argue back and forth. Finn tells her that he loves her, but promises he'll let her figure this out in her own time. Jordan shows up with questions for them.

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Jordan asks about the scratch on Liz's head, but she claims she smacked into a branch. Jordan's trying to get a timeline because she's certain they'll figure out who's responsible. Jordan says the attack happened between 9:45 and 10 pm, and wonders where they were at that time.

Victor wakes up a hungover Spencer. He accuses Victor of being the one to attack Ava, but Victor denies it. Spencer says he wouldn't have done the dirty work himself, but would have sent an operative. Spencer thinks Victor should head to Cassadine Island until this all blows over.

Victor says he didn't do it because he wouldn't have left Ava alive and Spencer with no clear alibi. Victor turns it back on Spencer, saying it could have been him since Ava controls his money and threw the tryst in his face. Victor says Spencer has as much reason to kill Ava as anyone. Spencer says Ava wasn't the one who betrayed him, Nikolas did.

The two wonder where Nikolas was at the time of the attack and Victor says they need to protect Nikolas. Spencer says Nikolas is the worst and doesn't deserve their protection, but Victor wants the family to be strong. Victor tells Spencer not to say anything to the police that would implicate Nikolas. He claims Spencer will get his hands on his birthright sooner rather than later if he protects Nikolas.

Drew heads over to Carly's.

Sonny takes Avery to the hospital where they sit and wait with Nina.

At the hospital, Trina thanks Dex for saving Ava's life. Trina stands at Ava's room and is joined by Spencer.

Nikolas sits with an unconscious Ava and blames her for everything.

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