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The Young and the Restless Recap: Nick and Adam Commiserate Over Victor's Need to Fix Their Problems

The Young and the Restless Recap for August 30, 2022
Nicholas Newman, The Young and the Restless

Joshua Morrow

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Crimson Lights: Sally spies Adam and Chelsea chatting about their problems. She interrupts to say how much she loves Chelsea and Billy's podcasts, but Adam wants to know why she's really there. She denies interfering and leaves.

Adam leaves and Sally goes back to the booth. Chelsea chides Sally about the break up of her relationship, and reminds her they have a long history with a child. She adds that any relationship with Adam is no longer Sally's business. Enter Sharon.

Sharon understands Sally's pain, but points out that Chelsea likes to push buttons. It doesn't make Sally feel better, she's still hurt. Sally informs Sharon that Adam is gunning for Victor again and feels left out, but Sharon tells her it may be Adam's way of protecting her.

Sally and Sharon talk about loneliness versus being alone. Sally loves Sharon's outlook, but admits she's not there yet.

Newman: Victoria tells Nick they need to strategize to protect Victor from Adam. Victoria...surprisingly...thinks that Sally is the key. Nick refuses to use Sally to get to Adam. He wants to keep her loyal to the family and Victoria finally agrees, besides, Nick claims he doesn't need protecting. Victoria denies they aren't like Adam, but Nick reminds her Victor's cover up isn't gossip, but the truth. Victor overhears and says, "It's over."

Chancellor Park: Abby wants to make a time capsule of everyone's best first-year memories of Dominic, along with their wishes for him. The plan is for him to open it when he's 18, but she still wants everyone to read them aloud. (I'm not writing all of them out.) Mariah, Tessa, and Devon leave to attend to business. Chase looks out of sorts and Abby asks him about it.

Chance admits he's concerned about closing Ashland's case. Abby tells him not to worry about it because he wouldn't do it without being certain. Abby says her family is grateful and she believes in his integrity. Chance blurts out he has no one to talk to if he can't say his father in law committed a crime and has problems letting it go. Abby apologizes for contributing to his second thoughts, but he assures her it's okay. Chance gets a call and has to leave.

Devon returns and questions Abby's mood. Abby tries to open up and talks about how Chance takes his cases personally. She wonders if Chance puts his family first every time. Devon talks to her about how he may be different based on his experiences, and points out work may be as important as family.

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Society: Victor, Victoria, and Nick used Abby's teleporting machine to get to lunch. They're celebrating while Adam calls Jack to talk about his job offer. He spies them sharing a few champagne toasts.

Adam approaches their table and declines Victor's offer to join them. Adam buys their lunch and Victoria questions his motives. Adam says he's not seeking revenge, but focusing on himself. Victoria claims she doesn't buy it. Victor says he will deal with it.

The family's gone and Nick approaches Adam at the bar. Nick wants to know if his epiphany is real and why he had it. Adam tells him he's not upset with Nick because he's been an ally. Nick warns him if he changes his mind about his plans, he will be the one who's hurt. Adam warns him to worry more about the people in his camp than him.

The Pool: Chelsea gets a message from Billy to check her email which has the last podcast. She listens to a short clip about loss and new beginnings and calls Connor to touch base.

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-Mariah and Tessa talk about the amazing clothes Tessa will get to wear. The newlyweds talk about Dominic's party and tell Sharon they're ready to adopt. Sharon's excited and they hug it out.

-Back at Newman, Victoria tells Victor how grateful she is that he was looking out for her and Nick, and they hug it out. Victor then says he will always protect his family, even if it's from one of their own.

-Adam says Victor's protection of their crimes prevented them from understanding the consequences, even though they were accidents (Montalvo and Locke). He explains how they have to bury their feelings because Victor fixed things for them. Adam warns Nick that trying to ignore what he did could cause him damage in the future. Adam says those experiences made him who he is today. (Okay...I love these two right now.)

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