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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Brooke and Taylor Paint Each Other In a Very Bad Light

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for August 30, 2022
Brooke Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Katherine Kelly Lang

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

The Battle For Douglas: Hope and Brooke are sipping tea, trying hard not to overreact to Thomas keeping Douglas longer than anticipated. Brooke thinks Thomas and Taylor want Douglas to be taken away from Hope, and that can’t happen. 

Thomas and Eric are watching Douglas paint when Taylor arrives. Douglas is painting something for Hope when Thomas decides he should call her. Douglas tells her he has been painting her a picture. Hope wants to speak with Thomas. She thinks it’s time to bring him back home.

Thomas reminds her that he’s at the Forrester home where his father lives. Hope reminds him they’ve gone past their agreed upon time. Thomas says they need this time together and hangs up (are we supposed to be rooting for Thomas?). Brooke is done and leaves for the Forrester house. 

Douglas needs more black paint and glitter to continue his time as an artist. They decide to the paint store for supplies. Just as Taylor’s phone rings for a conference call, Douglas and Thomas exit.  

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Hope and Steffy Go Toe to Toe: Steffy has returned to work and Hope arrives looking for Ridge - he’s not in. Steffy astutely gathers that Hope is there to talk about Douglas. Steffy is very short with Hope as she tries to talk to her about where Douglas calls home.

Steffy reminds her that Douglas has been living with her, on Brooke’s property, for far too long. Hope reminds her that she adopted Douglas. She’s a mother not a nanny. (Yes!) Steffy says Douglas is a Forrester, not a Logan, and where he should call home is pretty clear. (Again, are we supposed to be rooting for the Forresters here?)

Hope wonders why everything with Steffy is Forrester vs. Logan. She explains that Brooke constantly tried to destroy her family and slept with every male member of the family (not really your lesson to teach, Steffy). 

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Brooke and Taylor Throw Hands and Paint: Brooke arrives and is not surprised that “the evil ring leader” is there. Brooke and Taylor argue about where Douglas’ home is and where he will be staying that night. Taylor seems less than convinced when Brooke reminds her that she is also the child’s grandmother. Taylor reminds Brooke that Douglas is a Forrester and Thomas is his ONLY REMAINING BIOLOGICAL PARENT. (For the love, adoptive parents are actual parents. This storyline is infuriating.) 

Taylor thinks Thomas is ready to parent Douglas, but Brooke wonders if that’s true. Brooke thinks there is a lot more to Taylor’s support of Thomas with Douglas - Ridge. She wants to create conflict between Brooke and Ridge. Taylor thinks Brooke is ridiculous. Brooke thinks Taylor is transparent. Taylor and Brooke lay hands on one another. In the process, Taylor smacks paint all over Brooke…and laughs. Brooke picks up a brush and begins to use Taylor as a human canvas. What ensues may never be removed from Eric’s floor (I do love that they kind of started giggling in the middle of it). 

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