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The Young and the Restless Recap: Chance Tries to Find Closure By Opening Up to Abby

The Young and the Restless Recap for August 31, 2022
Chance Chancellor, The Young and the Restless

Conner Floyd

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

GCAC pool: Chance runs into Chelsea who is upset after her phone call to Connor. Chelsea advises Chance to keep it real with Abby because she loves him. Chance joins Chelsea until his appointment arrives. They share a beer over their therapy insights.

After Chance meets with his contact, Chelsea's full of questions that don't concern her and Chance can't answer. Chance only tells her he fulfilled a promise to close all Rey's cases. Chelsea gets teary-eyed and says she misses him.

Abbott bedroom: Noah and Allie are basking in the afterglow. Allie's curious about his previous relationship (the one we still don't have any intel on). Noah talks about their lack of direct and honest communication. Allie says she doesn't have a lot of relationship experience.

Jabot: Adam comes in and tells Jack he accepts his job offer. Jack tells Adam he's long overdue to give up getting back at Victor because he has bigger things in store for him. Enter Billy.

Billy expresses his disdain for Jack's decision. Adam offers to back out, but Jack won't have it. Jack gets a call and takes off. Billy warns Adam he'll be watching his every move. Adam points out that Billy hasn't worked there in years and won't really be able to pull it off. Adam adds that if Jabot survived Billy working there, the company can surely survive anything.

Society: Abby joins Nick and he asks about Chance. She says he darted after getting a call from work. They chitchat about the birthday party. Abby informs Nick they'll have a bigger celebration when things calm down in the family. Nick however, remarks that may never happen.

Abby says she's worried about Nick. She relates his lack of response to how Chance acted when he first got home. Nick admits it's been hard living with killing a man, despite the circumstances. Abby assures him that he did what he had to in the moment, and tells Nick that Chance is struggling too.

Abby thinks Chance showed his integrity by standing by his family. She doesn't understand why Chance can't see that. She worries about it chewing away at him. Nick offers to talk to Chance and tells Abby not to let it come between them.

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Adam arrives with Jack, who informs Nick and Abby that he's Jack's new co-CEO. The duo are surprised and suspicious of Adam's motives. Nick says he would have had more autonomy at Newman Media, but Adam questions if autonomy really exists at Newman. Nick's not happy with Adam, especially after their earlier conversation.

Abbott living room: Auntie Traci catches Noah leaving and knows why he was there. Allie's embarrassed, but Traci assures her she's not. Allie worries she's setting herself to be hurt, but Traci tells her to enjoy riding the infatuation phase while it lasts. Allie decides to let herself be happy.

Crimson Lights: Chance stops by to tell Sharon he's closed all of Rey's cases. Sharon's happy it's giving him closure. Chance gets uncomfortable when Sharon says Rey respected his honor. The two talk about Rey until Nick arrives.

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-When alone, Nick tells Chance that Adam had a change of heart, which makes Chance suspicious. Nick explains that Adam is working at Jabot and tries to be optimistic about Jack's influence. Nick tells Chance that Abby is filling in the blanks on her own and he needs to talk to her.

-Nick and Sharon notice Noah's bouncy mood. Noah surprises them when he says he's falling in love.

-Chance arrives at Society and Abby joins him outside. He apologizes for how he treated her and says he will always put her and Dominic first.

-Jack leaves Adam alone in the Jabot office. He wanders around before he slides into the big chair. 

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