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B&B's Matthew Atkinson on Thomas: "He's a Changed Man"

Matthew Atkinson, The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful's Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) is currently going all out in an attempt to regain custody of his son Douglas (Django Ferri). He's coming up against a road block in the form of the boy's mama, Hope (Annika Noelle), and her family. 

Is Thomas really a different guy now? What might happen if Thomas and Hope remain at odds? Atkinson spoke to TV Insider about the storyline.

Why is Thomas so adamant about pursuing his son now? Atkinson explained:

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I think it’s been a long time coming. Thomas spent quite a while going over the issues he has in the past and worked on becoming a better person. He picked the pieces of his life up and moved forward. He’s done a great job at that. He’s a changed man. I think the audience is excited to get his son back. Every tweet I’m tagged in has referenced Thomas getting his son back.

He added:

The reason Thomas gave Hope custody is because she’s a great mother figure but at the same time, he was trying to create a family with her. It was good for Douglas. I don’t believe that we have been specific as to what the terms of the [legal] agreement with Douglas is. The way I’m playing it from Thomas’s perspective is that he gave Hope 50 percent custody. She’s had over 80 percent, closer to 90 percent, in recent years. Also, Thomas isn’t suggesting he and Douglas move across the country. They’re down the road. It’s important for a son to be with his father. What Thomas is pushing for makes a whole lot of sense. Thomas truly wants to be a father in his son’s life. He wants to be a bigger presence.

And what lengths will the designer go to in order to get what he wants? Atkinson mused:

I think he’s got good ground to stand on. It doesn’t make sense for Thomas to give his son up to another family. Hope’s the mother, but that doesn’t mean that Hope and Liam [Scott Clifton] are the [only] parents. A lot will depend on how much Hope fights back. Thomas feels that Douglas should live with him for a little while. As long as the environment that Thomas provides is healthy, which it is, I don’t think that this is that big of a deal. I’m not sure how much Hope will push back but if she’s influenced by her mother [Brooke, Katherine Kelly Lang] and Liam? That could amplify her reaction to the whole thing.