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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Bill Encourages Liam to Use Thomas’ Past Against Him

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for August 31, 2022
Bill Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Paint by Numbers: Brooke and Taylor are covered in paint. Brooke wonders if Taylor is proud of herself (um, Brooke… didn’t you also sling paint?). Taylor wonders why Brooke isn’t taking equal responsibility. Brooke thinks she missed a spot, restarting the paint party, and again they start giggling. Just then, Ridge arrives. 

Taylor says she was trying to leave when all this human canvas painting ensued. Brooke said if Taylor wasn’t so expressive with her arms, none of this would have happened. Ridge doesn’t seem to understand, despite knowing these women for decades.

Taylor explains that the fight was not about Douglas. As per usual, it was about him (for whatever reason…). They back off that point and discuss how Douglas’ parentage started their battle. Taylor explains that Brooke thinks she is using Douglas as a pawn in their romantic war. Ridge doesn’t seem to understand any of this - as they continue to argue in front of him. (This is embarrassing - all this over Ridge??)

Hope For The Future? Hope wonders why Steffy always returns conflict to Logan vs. Forrester. (You aren’t the only one wondering that, Hope…) Steffy says Thomas is his BLOOD and deserves that presence in his life. (For the love…)

Thomas comes in and says Douglas is with Amelia and Kelly. Steffy and Hope fill Thomas in on their most recent argument. Thomas dismisses Steffy as he wants to talk to Hope alone. 

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Hope tells Thomas she is now worried about his intentions when it comes to Douglas. She thinks he is putting his needs above Douglas’. Thomas thinks Douglas needs to be with his father. Hope quickly reminds him how it was his idea for her to adopt Douglas, and he loves living with her. They both agree that Douglas is lucky to have both of them as parents. Thomas asks Hope to give him a chance. He wants her to see how happy Douglas is living at Eric’s house. 

Daddy’s Wisdom: Bill is asking Liam why Thomas is suddenly trying to snatch Douglas from Hope. He says that Thomas raising Douglas shouldn’t even be an option and Liam agrees. He knows Thomas has been working on himself, but doesn’t believe he should be the primary caregiver. Bill thinks Thomas is being outrageous. Liam says taking Douglas away from Hope would rip her heart out.

Bill understands why Thomas would want to be with his son - relating it back to his situation with Liam and Wyatt. They both agree this isn’t the same situation. Bill thinks they are headed for a full blown custody battle, but wonders if Hope can use Thomas’ feelings for her to his advantage. Also, Thomas’ history would make a compelling case for Hope. (Bill is happy as he thinks Liam is finally thinking like a Spencer!) 

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-Hope understands Thomas wants to spend as much time with Douglas as possible. In fact, she supports it. She just doesn’t want to rip Douglas out of the stable home he’s known for so long. Thomas appreciates Hope, but thinks Douglas deserves to be with Forresters so he can understand his birthright. (I can’t…) Thomas is grateful for everything Hope did, but he’s a better person now. (I guess we’re just going to overlook his most recent dalliance with Sheila.) Again, Thomas asks Hope to come to Eric’s and just watch them together. 

-Ridge asks Taylor and Brooke to look at themselves in the mirror. (Teacher, teach thyself…) They look in the mirror and at once recognize how ridiculous they’ve been. Before he gets caught up in the paint throwing foolishness, he begs them to call a truce and hit the showers. Taylor heads upstairs whilst Brooke remains downstairs. She hugs and kisses him while Taylor watches from the stairs. Brooke reminds Ridge they love each other and nothing will ever come between them. 

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