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Perkie’s Observations: Nikolas Covers For Liz And Gives Her an Alibi on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for August 31, 2022
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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

On today’s General Hospital recap: Spencer says he's there for Trina. When she asks about Nikolas, Spencer's quick to badmouth his father. Trina offers to be there to listen if he wants to talk, but Spencer says it's not her problem anymore.

Nikolas stands up and appears to be about to grab Ava's pillow when Trina walks in and questions what he's doing. Nikolas plays it off and claims Ava had plenty of enemies who would want to do this to her. Trina wonders why now and Nikolas says an attack like this must be from someone who hated Ava very much. Trina points out it could also have been someone who used to love her.

Lucy wants to talk to Valentin about Sasha's arrest and how it will affect Deception. Lucy says Sasha has to go for the sake of the company. Valentine's unsure why Lucy's coming to him since he's a silent partner and tells her to vote Sasha out. Lucy worries that will make things worse for Sasha and is thrilled when Valentin mentions he spoke to Martin about it.

Lucy admits she's worried about Martin, but Valentin reminds her she was fawning all over Victor at the picnic. Lucy says she didn't put the moves on Victor. Valentin thinks she was working Victor and wonders why, but Lucy denies it.

Sasha meets with a therapist for a psychiatric exam before meeting with the judge. The therapist says they should appoint Brando as her guardian, which does not sit well with Sasha. Brando says it could lighten her sentence and Sasha can't understand why he has stopped believing in her. The therapist reminds Sasha that she attacked someone, leaving her with two choices, conservatorship or prison. Sasha refuses and storms out.

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Anna joins Victor to discuss Valentin. Victor says he has family now and they close ranks. He warns Anna to back off. Talk turns to Charlotte. Anna asks about her and why she didn't come home for the summer. Victor mentions about Charlotte begging Valentin to stay for the horses, which Anna reacts to.

Anna calls someone and tells them to find out who donated the equestrian program to the school. She and Lucy discuss the case and how Lucy's tired of being used. Anna promises she's getting closer to answers as Valentin spots them together. Valentin accuses Anna of being dishonest.

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Liz claims she took a walk on the grounds to clear her head during the window that Ava was attacked. Jordan asks if Liz's walk took her by the boathouse, but she doesn't remember. Jordan pushes as Nikolas arrives and says Liz was with him.

When alone, Liz questions why Nikolas told Jordan what he did. She wonders why he didn't tell Jordan he found her confused about her whereabouts. Liz wonders why Nikolas would give her an alibi and he says he knows Liz didn't attack Ava.

Victor heads to the hospital. He finds Spencer waiting for Trina outside Ava's room.

Jordan shows up and says she found out that Spencer was drunk and sick in the Quartermaine bathroom when Ava was attacked.

Drew and Carly discuss last night's events. He doesn't want to miss their chance and he wants her. Carly says things felt right, but is worried he doesn't know her since she no longer knows herself. Carly mentions her marriage and Drew understands it's a big loss for her.

Carly says she has to figure out who she is now before she can get into a relationship. She doesn't want to mess things up with Drew like she messed up the hotel. Carly says when she comes to Drew she wants it to be for the right reasons. Drew tells her not to to be afraid and the two kiss before he leaves.

Trina sits at Ava's bedside. She tells Ava that she needs her and begs her to come back. Trina says the Cassadines are outside and Ava's monitor starts going off.

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