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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Deacon Quickly Realizes Sheila is a Problematic House Guest

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for September 1, 2022
Deacon Sharpe, The Bold and the Beautiful

Sean Kanan

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Deacon’s Digs: Deacon and Sheila are hanging out in Il Giardino’s storage closet (AKA Deacon’s digs). He thinks it’s creepy how far she will go to keep up her charade. Sheila warns him he should remember that.

Sheila claims she can’t go back to prison because Finn is her whole life. Deacon tells her to take a step back as there is no way she can actually get close to Finn. Just then, Deacon realizes he’s late for work. Sheila thinks her disguise was pretty good, especially since it landed Deacon on top of her. Deacon begs Sheila to realize she can’t see Finn again. 

Il Giardino: Li and Finn are discussing Sheila’s evil nature over dinner. She’s surprised Finn would choose Il Giardino for dinner (I’m with you, Li!). Finn is thrilled at his second chance at life. Li is equally thrilled to see him healthy and happy. After declaring how happy they are, Li and Finn take a deep dive into Sheila’s special brand of evil. They are thankful they never have to worry about Sheila again! (I feel like foreboding music should have played after that statement.) 

Forrester Mansion: Taylor is talking with Douglas about his passion for painting. He doesn’t understand how his paints are all gone. Taylor is tight-lipped, whilst Eric and Thomas are snarky. Taylor promises to replenish his supplies. Douglas thanks great grand daddy Eric for letting him have the best time with his daddy. Eric says he can stay as long as he wants. Douglas exits and Thomas laments about wanting to lose no more time with his son. (Dear Thomas, try not scaring your kid with weird fake ghosts on a wall.) Eric and Taylor agree, and applaud Thomas for how far he has come. (Again, wasn’t it just a few months ago that Thomas knew about Sheila and told no one?)

Chez Brooke: Brooke can’t believe Douglas is spending another night with Thomas. Hope is losing her patience with this continued conversation. Liam is with Brooke. Hope reviews her conversation with Thomas, who asked her to give him the benefit of the doubt - Brooke is more than skeptical. Hope wants Douglas with her, but doesn’t want to start a nasty custody battle. Brooke says this whole mess is about Thomas and not Douglas. Hope says she’s going to make a surprise visit to the Forrester mansion. 

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-Brooke fears for Douglas if he is taken from the stable family they’ve created

-Liam hates Thomas and Hope alone together. He knows Thomas has changed, but has doubts. Brooke picks up the thread and says she also isn’t certain about “reformed” Thomas. Liam just hopes that Hope’s visit to the mansion opens her eyes. 

-Taylor thinks Thomas can create a loving home for Douglas. Just then, Hope arrives. She stopped by to see what the Forrester mansion is like for Douglas. Just then, Douglas comes back in the room and thanks his MOTHER for letting him stay for a while (even that baby knows where his real home is). 

-Deacon cleans glasses at the bar until he notices Finn and Li at a table. He walks over, and he and Finn embrace. Finn thanks him for saving his life. Finn says reclaiming his life is easier now that Sheila is no longer a threat. Just then, Sheila walks in with her disguise on. Deacon is distracted, which leads Finn to turn around and look.

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