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Perkie’s Observations: Ava Wakes up And Banishes Nikolas From Her Room on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 1, 2022
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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Maura West

On today’s General Hospital recap: Liz tells Finn that Nikolas was lying about the alibi. She also admits she doesn't know where she was and she lost time again. Liz says she needs help and Finn agrees to help her. Liz says she blacked out after their fight and came back to herself when Nikolas showed up with no memory of where she'd been.

Finn doesn't think she would hurt Ava, but Liz reminds him how she hurt Chase. Liz says she could have come across Ava and perceived her as a threat. Finn feels something had to have triggered it.

Liz tells him about the memories from her teen years where she was fighting some woman about her father. Finn thinks the trigger is her anger during their fights, but Liz said she had the same memory when she was on the stairs. Liz doesn't think it has to do with her grief over Franco, but there's something wrong with her. Finn says it's something from her past she's not dealing with. Liz says she was pushing it down, but she needs to face it. Finn promises to help find answers together.

Trina calls out for help and a doctor shows up to check on Ava. The doctor tells Nikolas that Ava's blood pressure dropped, but he stabilized her. He thinks she'll regain consciousness soon.

Jordan wants an alibi from Victor. He claims he was with Spencer, which Jordan disputes, saying Spencer was by himself being sick. Jordan says Nikolas was with Liz and asks again where Victor was during the time of the attack. Victor dismisses the question and for whatever reason Jordan lets it go. (Oy vey, she's incompetent: Where were you? None of your business. Alrighty then, I'll question you again another time. Uhm what?)

Jordan and Nikolas are present when Ava opens her eyes. Nikolas doesn't want Jordan questioning her. Ava wants to know what happened and Jordan tells her she was stabbed. Ava says she was alone at the boathouse and didn't see who attacked her.

Jordan questions where Ava was before that and Nikolas tries to shut down the questioning. Ava tells Jordan that she and Nikolas had a fight about Spencer. Jordan chastises Nikolas for claiming that Ava wasn't upset and questions why he lied. Nikolas spins a yarn about the Cassadines having epic arguments and claims he deeply regrets fighting with Ava. Nikolas puts on a show of remorse because he left Ava alone to be injured.

After Jordan leaves Ava cringes away from Nikolas’ touch and he begs her not to think that he did this. Nikolas swears that he would never do this and begs her to believe him. Ava asks him to leave her alone.

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Valentin tells Anna he knows Lucy's been trying to get information and Anna thinks it's about Charlotte being in danger. Valentin admits he let his guard down. He says Victor took her and will hurt her if he doesn't do as he’s told. Anna questions why he didn't tell her, but Valentin says he's protecting Charlotte. Anna promises they'll bring Charlotte home, but they need to take Victor down. She wants to know what Valentin has done for him.

Valentin admits to being the French captain with Jennifer Smith, but doesn't know why Victor is doing any of this. He says this has to stay between the two of them because if Victor finds out he told Anna, he'll hurt Charlotte. Anna says they'll figure out how to keep Charlotte safe and put an end to Victor.

Drew heads to The Savoy and is thrilled to hear that Portia and Curtis are engaged. Drew updates Curtis on what's happening with Carly and him. Curtis agrees that Carly needs to sort her life out and wonders if Drew can give Carly the time she needs.

Carly admits to Bobbie she has feelings for Drew, but doesn't know where she stands with herself. Bobbie says Drew can protect himself and wonders if this is about Jason. Bobbie points out how Jason was more forgiving and maybe Carly is worried it won't be so easy with Drew.

Carly doesn't want to be in a rebound relationship with Drew, but Bobbie tells her that her feelings won't go away. Carly can't afford to lose him as a friend. Bobbie thinks Carly is making excuses not to move onto the next chapter and she normally goes for it. Carly says she's trying to look before she leaps, but Bobbie disagrees. She thinks Carly can find happiness with a new man.

Spencer doesn't want to protect Nikolas, despite Victor's reminder that Cassadines stick together. Victor says Nikolas has an alibi - he was with Elizabeth. Spencer says he'll tell Jordan that Nikolas slept with Esme.

Portia seeks out Trina at the hospital and comforts her. Trina thinks tonight is not a good night for her celebratory party. Portia says Ava would insist Trina have the party as planned and do this for herself.

Jordan tells Trina that Ava is awake. Trina asks Portia if she has time before the party to get some of Ava's things to her, since she's been staying at the Metro Court. Spencer wants to tell Jordan something, but Victor pulls him back.

Victor warns Spencer that nothing about the Cassadines is of concern to the police. He tells Spencer that Nikolas’ tryst is not relevant since he has an alibi. Spencer says it's relevant to Trina. If Jordan knows why Esme left town, she can find her. Victor warns Spencer again to back off and not bring trouble.

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