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Perkie's Observations: Terry Pushes Willow to be Honest With Herself on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 2, 2022
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General Hospital

Cassandra James

On today’s General Hospital recap: Chase and Brook Lynn head out on their first date and make out like teenagers. Linc catches them kissing and calls Brook Lynn unprofessional. Chase says they're dating, but Linc says they were scheduled for a meeting. Chase dumps Linc and says Brook Lynn will manage him. Linc says if Chase doesn't sign with him, he'll cancel the gig at The Savoy. Chase decides to stick with Brook Lynn.

Sam asks if Dante is ready to move in tomorrow, but he doesn't want to rush into anything. The two discuss it and agree to get started.

Josslyn tells Cameron what happened to Ava and how Dex helped. Josslyn sings Dex's praises about how he saved Ava's life. Cameron asks about Spencer, but Josslyn said he got drunk at the picnic and is staying at the Metro Court.

Spencer naps and has a nightmare that Esme is back and the two argue. In his dream, Esme taunts him about Nikolas and Trina never wanting to be with him. After he wakes up, Spencer writes Trina a letter.

Cameron stops by to check up on him and wonders why he's not at Wyndemere on his last night before Pentonville. Spencer admits he's scared of going to prison, especially since it was for nothing. Cameron disagrees, saying it matters that he was helping Trina. Spencer disagrees, saying it was Oz's testimony that got the charges dropped. Cameron promises to visit Spencer.

Michael eavesdrops as Sonny tells Dex to stand guard at Ava's door. Dex wants more responsibility, but Sonny just wants him to follow orders. Michael approaches, asking about Ava's condition. He's not happy that she was stabbed on the Quartermaine grounds. He asks if Sonny was involved since violence follows him. Sonny agrees it happened on Quartermaine grounds, but Michael should have had better security. 

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Terry finds Willow, who is woozy after her nursing shift, and takes her aside. Willow claims she's just doing her job, but Terry lets her to know the job will still be there if she takes a medical leave. Willow thinks Terry's talking about the pregnancy, but she's talking about leukemia. Terry brings up how Willow is keeping her diagnosis a secret and Willow snaps that it's her decision.

Terry points out that if no one knows she's sick, they'll expect her to continue her busy schedule and she needs to take care of herself. Willow wants to keep her life as normal as possible for as long as she can. Michael finds Willow, who tells him she will be cutting back on her hours.

Nina visits Ava and asks why Nikolas isn't there with her. Ava tells her that she told him to stay away because he betrayed her. Nina can't believe Nikolas cheated on her...especially with Esme! Nina can't believe Ava just let it go. Ava asks Nina not to tell anyone about the tryst.

Sonny stops in to check up on Ava and senses tension between her and Nina. Ava says she doesn't know who attacked her and worries they'll be back to finish the job.

Josslyn heads to the hospital to look for Avery's bracelet and runs into Dex at Ava's door. Dex talks to the janitor, who said he dumped the garbage in the dumpster. The two head down to the garbage room and look for the bracelet.

Sonny assigns Frank to stand at Ava's door. Ava speaks with Frank and tells him to remove Nikolas' name from the list of people who can visit her.

Sonny tells Nina how tense it was between her and Ava when he showed up and wants to know what they were talking about.

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