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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Sheila is Hopelessly Devoted to Reuniting With Finn

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for September 5, 2022
Sheila Carter, The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Steffy’s Beach House: Steffy and Finn are chatting about work and life. He tells her about having lunch with his mother. Steffy says she doesn’t want to be insensitive, but it reminds her to be thankful Sheila is dead (that might be a wee insensitive, Steffy).

Finn doesn’t really want to engage, but Steffy wants him to know he can talk to her. Finn thinks Sheila may have loved him in her own selfish way. Steffy tells him to remember that Sheila was responsible for Finn almost being lost to everyone (is that supportive, Steffy?). Finn wishes he could just forget everything.

Deacon’s Storage Closet: Sheila is sitting with Deacon in his storage closet. He’s pretty ticked that she risked everything by donning a disguise and sneaking out in public. Sheila thinks it’s all worth it since she got to see Finn’s handsome face. Deacon snarks at Sheila, but she ignores it and says she could feel through the air just how much Finn still loves her. Deacon tries to talk sense into Sheila, but sense is a foreign concept to her.

Deacon reminds her that he almost killed Finn. She’s delusional if she thinks he could love her. The word “delusional” makes Sheila none too happy. Sheila reminds Deacon that everything is Steffy’s fault! She ruined her relationships with Finn and Taylor. Deacon reminds her that her relationship with Finn is dead because he thinks she is dead. After he leaves, Sheila says to no one in particular that she refuses to believe her relationship with her son is over.

Brooke’s Mansion: Brooke is chatting with Hope and Liam about Thomas. Hope is defending Douglas spending time at Eric’s because he’s having so much fun. Liam reminds her the kid’s actual home is the cabin. In addition, let’s not forget Thomas’ past. Brooke agrees. She will always be wary of him. Hope loves how they are both looking out for her. Liam and Brooke know that Hope is always looking for the best in people. Hope hasn’t forgotten the past, but wants the best for Douglas. What if Douglas wants and needs to live with Thomas? Douglas deserves to have a committed father.

Eric’s Mansion: Thomas, Ridge, and Taylor are hanging out with Eric in his living room talking about Douglas. Taylor is happy Hope came by to see how well he’s adjusting being with his “actual” father and the rest of “his Forrester family.” Taylor says this whole thing is turning into a Logan vs. Forrester war (good grief). Ridge doesn’t see why it needs to be a war.

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Thomas understands Hope’s concerns since they have a family together. Eric stands behind him and says he gets it, but he and Douglas are welcome here. With that, Eric says he has to meet Donna at the club. Ridge snarkily asks if he’s meeting her pickle ball - that’s what the kids are calling it these days.

Folks clear out leaving only Taylor and Ridge to discuss the day’s events. Taylor reminds Ridge that Thomas needs his support even if it’s the last thing Brooke wants (well played with that jab, Taylor).

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-Hope is at the cabin looking at pictures of her family and flashing back to her discussion with Thomas. Just then, Thomas arrives.

-Brooke is at the main house looking at pictures of her and Ridge and flashing back to simpler, more sexual times.

-Taylor decides she would rather talk to Ridge about their relationship with their children. Everyone is so happy now. They hold hands and Taylor reminds him that when he calls her “Doc” it feels like they are together. She moves in and kisses him on the cheek -drawing a smile.

-Steffy knows how much Finn loves her and the kids, but she still wonders how he’s feeling about Sheila. He says he wishes Sheila had been different. How could his birth mother come so close to killing him and his wife? How could he possibly deal with that? Just then, Sheila, in disguise, is outside the beach house door, saying they will be reunited and she will always love him. 

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