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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jennifer Rose Can’t Hide Her Addiction From Maggie

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 5, 2022
Jennifer Horton, Maggie Horton, Days of Our Lives

Cady McClain and Suzanne Rogers

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Off The Wagon: Jennifer Rose is pouring Maggie tea in Alice Horton’s living room as they talk about the stabbing that befell poor Sonny. Maggie barely slept at all last night, but she’s more worried about Victor… and Jennifer Rose. They review all of the horrid recent events and Maggie realizes that JRo isn’t taking care of herself. JRo goes to answer a call and knocks her purse over… allowing Maggie to find her pain pills.

Jennifer Rose returns and Maggie reveals her pain pills. JRo says they are Doug’s pills. Maggie isn’t buying what JRo is selling. She finally admits that she’s been thinking about using for a long iime and had Doug’s prescription refilled. She hasn’t been to a meeting in a while and agrees to go with Maggie. She then dumps the pills in the trash (even thought no one will empty that trash before she returns).

Walls Closing In: Leo is asleep when Chad screams outside his door. When Leo opens the door, Chad busts in, pins Leo against the wall, and pulls a knife. He says it’s the murder weapon and now he’s going to gut Leo. Just then, Chad covers Leo’s mouth and stabs him in the gut. Then, Leo wakes up cuz it’s SHOCKINGLY all a dream.

Leo calls the hospital and pretends to be Alex confirming that Sonny is still alive. Leo quickly packs his bags as he realizes he’s being framed. Just then, his phone rings and it’s Sloan. She says if he didn’t do it, she can still help him. She believes him and says it will be worse if he tries to run.

Down to Business: Victor reads the paper on his tablet and is less than thrilled that the stories about Sonny are not playing out the way he thinks they should. He thinks Leo should be eradicated from the planet. Just then, Alex arrives and thinks Sonny’s stabbing is his fault. Victor says Leo is to blame and will rue the day. Victor wants Alex to focus on business - he wants him to take over as interim CEO of Titan. The media is going after Titan and Victor wants Alex and Stephanie to team together to fix it!

Everyone Deserves a Good Defense: Rafe is doing something random at the Salem PD when Sloan appears none too happy to have been summoned. He pulls out a steak knife which he says was the weapon that injured Sonny. He goes on to explain that Chad found Leo standing over Sonny. Sloan asks if Chad actually saw Leo stab Sonny. Nope. Hmmm, that means there’s no evidence. Rafe informs her the coroner has linked the knife in Sonny’s stabbing to the one in Abigail’s murder.

Sloan finds out that Leo called 911, but then Rafe says he has Leo’s potential list of victims… he goes on to say he’ll charge Sloan (with what?) if she doesn’t tell him where Leo is hiding (Does anyone else see chemistry with Rafe and Sloan?). Leo tells her where he is but wants something from Rafe - she won’t sell out her client. She agrees to tell him Leo’s location, but she will come with him…. Rafe will drive.

University Hospital: Justin and Stephanie are embracing in the lobby of University Hospital as Chad watches on. He assumes the worst, but Justin assures him that Sonny is still alive. A nurse comes out and tells Justin he can see Sonny.

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Stephanie is left to talk to Chad saying that Sonny is strong and gets it from his Johnson side - which they don’t tell Victor (I like her.). Stephanie assumes that Chad hasn’t eaten and offers to get him food. Just then, Will arrives and Stephanie offers to take him to see Sonny (I guess Chad, who can’t feed himself, will just starve.).

Stephanie actually got Chad some food, but he’s unwilling to eat or sleep. Justin comes out and says he’s going to the chapel as Chad goes to check on Will and Sonny. Just then, Alex calls demanding Stephanie’s presence. She arrives and reports that Sonny is stable. Victor demands they work together to fix Titan so Sonny comes back to a company in good standing. They agree and get to work.

Justin is in Sonny’s room talking to his comatose son about stories from his childhood. (As Justin talks about Sonny’s childhood, all I can think is Wally Kurth is securing his next emmy nomination). Just then, Will arrives and they embrace. Will moves in and rubs Sonny’s arm as Justin rubs Will’s neck. Justin leaves Will to tend to Sonny. He continues to rub his arm and tells him stories of what Ari is doing with Gabi… as Chad watches from behind. He just wanted to check on them… before he can leave, Will stops him. He thinks he should have gotten Sonny to back off Leo. Chad stops him cold and says nothing would have stopped Sonny.

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-Maggie walks into the mansion and asks Victor about Sonny. She tells him that she had been checking in on Jennifer Rose. She thinks everything is getting better for her.

-JRo enters Alice Horton’s living room and clearly is still white-knuckling it. She goes to the trash and retrieves the pain pills (duh).

-Alex tell Stephanie that Sonny is doing well. He hopes to have a similar relationship someday. They look at each other with an uneasy tension…

-Sloan and Rafe arrive at Leo’s door. Sloan tries to open it before Rafe goes all Rafe. He breaks it down only to find Leo isn’t there.

-Sonny lies unconscious as dragged up Nurse Leo looks over him… just as Sonny awakens.

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