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Perkie's Observations: Carly Busts in on Nina's Private Vigil on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 6, 2022
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today’s General Hospital recap: Marshall interrupts to remind Sonny they're celebrating Trina's acquittal and needs to leave. Sonny's not happy, but Nina drags him away to calm him down. Curtis tells Marshall to back off as well. Marshall warns Curtis not to let Sonny get involved in The Savoy, but Curtis promises that's not how things are.

Trina doesn't understand why Spencer insists on taking the letter back. Spencer says it's for his friend Trina and according to her, they aren't friends anymore. Trina says their friendship was toxic, but Spencer says it meant a lot to him. Spencer apologizes for what happened with Esme and would have done things differently. He regrets messing up her life and Trina gives him back the letter.

Selina wants a chat with Sonny and says he's welcome here, even if he's been made to feel otherwise. Sonny mentions Chase and how he'd be good for the club, and Selina agrees.

Jordan makes small talk with Trina and mentions about a case that hinges on geological DNA tests. She asks if Trina has ever had one and she says she took one in high school.

Jordan and TJ are thrilled when Stella shows up. Stella spots the ring on Portia's finger and can't believe they kept it from her. (I'm thinking Stella should have been able to hear Portia squealing all the way in London!)

Curtis apologizes and asks if Stella is willing to be the one to marry them. Stella has a brief memory of the letter she didn't mail, but agrees to do it. Portia says they have to apply for a marriage license and show proof of divorce. Curtis says he doesn't remember what happened and Stella tells him to look into it.

Curtis checks with Jordan, who remembers filing the papers, but doesn't remember receiving the divorce papers. She promises to look into her mail for him.

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Cameron and his band sing a song for Trina and everyone celebrates. Spencer burns the letter.

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Willow wakes up screaming from a nightmare where Nelle killed Michael and Carly, and took Wiley. She finds them and tells them about the nightmare, and both are supportive. Alone, Michael confides in Carly that he thinks there's something more going on with Willow. He finds it odd that Willow would be thinking of Nelle, but Carly points out it's the anniversary of Nelle's death. Michael worries that Willow might go to the cemetery and run into Nina. Carly promises to go and check.

Nina heads to the cemetery to talk to Nelle's grave. Ghost Nelle makes an appearance to Nina. Nelle is thankful to Nina for breaking up Carly and Sonny, and keeping Sonny for herself. Nina's sorry she couldn't be there to protect Nelle while she was growing up. Nelle says they could have done some damage if they had been able to work together. Nelle says they are exactly the same and lash out when they're hurt. Nelle accuses Nina of pushing her away. When Nina looks up through her tears, Willow is there.

Nina says she's sad, despite the terrible things Nelle did. Willow says she understands the love for a child. Nina asks if Willow is there to see Jonah, but she says she's there for Nelle. Nina accuses Willow of trying to erase Nelle from Wiley's life. Willow counters that Nelle was not a good person, but Nina tells her to get off her high horse.

Carly yells at Nina that Nelle was a kidnapper and murderer, and they are only safe because she's dead. Carly tells Willow to run along and she does like the good little girl she is.

Nina says she came to have a private moment. She interrupted and made to be the villain. Nina says she paid for her mistakes, but Carly feels Nina's not being remorseful enough. Nina says Carly should feel something since it was Frank Benson who treated Nelle like garbage.

Carly claims she had sympathy for Nelle, but got burned for her troubles. Carly says Nelle used a dead baby as a prop and snarks that Nina must feel so proud of her. Nina says it didn't have to be this way. 

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