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Perkie’s Observations: Sasha Goes Postal After Lucy Confronts Her on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 5, 2022
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Sasha Corbin, General Hospital

Sofia Mattsson

On today’s General Hospital recap: Dex climbs into the dumpster to help Josslyn look for the bracelet. The two make small talk until Josslyn loses her footing and Dex falls on top of her. (Nothing says cute-meet like hanging out in a stinky hospital dumpster.) Josslyn finds the bracelet and heads home to change for the party.

Nina says things with Ava need to stay between them, and Sonny doesn't factor in. Sonny counters that he needs to know if Ava is in trouble since she's Avery's mother. Chase interrupts and Brook Lynn announces that they're together. She wants them to have dinner with just the four of them, but Sonny figures she wants a favor.

Brook Lynn explains about managing Chase and asks for Sonny's help in getting some gigs. Sonny agrees he knows some people who might want to help Chase's career, but asks about Linc. Brook Lynn admits she's trying to bury Linc while also furthering Chase's path.

Chase speaks up and says he's only doing the singing until he's reinstated on the police force. He reminds Sonny that they're on opposite sides. Chase says he can't risk it. Nina pipes up and says Curtis is a good friend and she can ask him to book Chase at The Savoy.

After Sonny leaves, Chase gets angry with Brook Lynn, telling her that he can't be associated with the mob because his reputation can't take another hit. Chase tells Brook Lynn not to put him in a position like that again. The two make up and kiss.

Trina's thrilled with the party her parents and Curtis throw for her. Jordan arrives and wonders if she's welcome, but both Portia and Taggert have no issue with her. Trina's not thrilled to see Spencer show up, but he says he wanted to see her before being shipped off to Pentonville. Spencer says they're friends, but Trina disagrees. She says she needs to heal and both need to move on. Trina hugs him and says she wants the best for him. Rory invites Trina to a work party and she accepts telling him that she's not going to play it safe anymore.

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Cameron commiserates with Spencer and asks about the letter. He's impressed when Spencer tells him that he wrote it as an apology to get back in Trina's good graces. Cameron believes Trina deserves the truth and to let her decide what she wants.

Cameron is happy when Josslyn finally shows up, but wonders why she's late and in different clothes. Josslyn explains about dumpster diving, but doesn't admit she had company.

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Brando tells TJ that Sasha is in trouble and doesn't know how to help her. Brando explains about the guardianship and how Sasha snapped. He admits he was ashamed of what he was asking Sasha to do.

Nina and Sonny head to The Savoy and Curtis is less than thrilled with Sonny's presence. Curtis is still angry with Sonny for turning him down when he asked for help with his father's police record. The two argue. Marshall overhears and steps in.

Jordan and Taggert catch up. She remembers overhearing Portia on the phone about the genetic counseling.

TJ gets to the club and tells Jordan that Stella is on her way. He brings up the 23 and Me storyline from two years ago when Stella was originally matched with someone in Port Charles before finding her distant cousin overseas.

Sasha meets with Lucy, who wants her to take a step back until she's well, which does not amuse Sasha. Lucy says Sasha has been struggling and Deception is being impacted. Sasha wonders if Lucy wants to push her out of the company, but Lucy says they only want her to put her financial stake into a trust until she's better. Lucy tells her to work with them so they aren't forced to vote her out. Sasha loses it and screams at Lucy that she betrayed her.

Lucy says she loves Sasha like a daughter, but she won't let her jeopardize the company she built up. Sasha accuses her of abandoning her. (Giant fat kudos to Lynn and Sofia because that was some intense soapy scenery chewing. For a split second I thought Sasha was going to pick up a butter knife from the table and stab Lucy with it.)

Sasha spots a fellow diner filming everything and gets into it with him. She grabs his phone and breaks it while screaming at him. The bouncer tries to get Sasha to leave. The two fight while Sasha screams like a crazy person. Brando shows up and Sasha collapses in his arms, declaring she needs help.

Spencer leaves the party and drops the letter, which Trina picks up. She wonders what it is.

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