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The Young and the Restless Recap: Kyle Comforts Diane in Her Hour of Need

The Young and the Restless Recap for September 5, 2022
Kyle Abbott, Diane Jenkins, The Young and the Restless

Michael Mealor, Susan Walters

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Surprises: Kyle and Traci are discussing a Genoa City reception for him and Summer for those folks who were unable to be in Milan. Kyle is trying to keep it a bit of a secret from Summer. Just then, Summer enters the room. She is not fooled by their deception and wonders what they are keeping from her.

Summer assumes they are talking about the article about Diane, which Kyle clearly doesn’t know about. Summer shows him, “The Long and Winding Road of Diane Jenkins, Back From The Dead.” He’s not worried about himself as much as he is about Diane.

Brotherly Concern: Adam is at the GCAC pool enjoying a drink when Nicholas arrives. Adam tells him how he is diving right in to his new job at Jabot. He also wonders how Nicholas is doing. All he says is that Ashland is dead and buried, and that’s the end of it. Adam pushes him, and Nicholas says he knows that he won’t get over it overnight. Adam suggests he talk to a therapist. Nicholas understands Adam’s suggestion, but reminds him that he was a child when Victor interfered with a murder...he’s no longer a child. Adam suggests he could talk to Sharon. Adam says he doesn’t want Nicholas to wind up like him and makes his exit.

What The Hell? Nikki and Phyllis are talking to Talia about how happy they are about her first article about Diane. They love how she brought everything together (again, this would be more interesting if it resulted in a focus on Nikki and Phyllis).

Phyllis thinks that unlike her and Nikki, Diane will crumble with the public scrutiny. Talia says the response has been amazing. Just then, she gets a text from her managing editor saying that he has cancelled the entire series. Her magazine won’t be publishing any further articles about Diane.

Karma: Diane is at Jabot when she gets a text reading, “future articles killed. you owe me.” Just then, Jack arrives. Diane tells him about the article, but Jack isn’t surprised. It’s a juicy story. She doesn’t understand how this story could be published without talking to her about how she’s her life around. Jack thinks she’s spinning herself and she should accept this was inevitable. Diane understands what she did, but hopes Jack understands who is responsible for the story and it was only meant to punish her.

They go into Jack’s office (it’s nice to see Jack’s office again!) where he tries to make her understand this sort of scrutiny was inevitable. She thinks the only point of this article is to embarrass her, and to hurt Kyle and Summer. Jack thinks she should be very thoughtful and deliberate to her response to what is clearly old news. Jack reassures her that she’s on the right track and to not let this article derail her. She thanks him and makes her exit.

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Diane is in the hallway when Phyllis arrives asking her if she’s read any good articles. Diane reminds Phyllis that she is clearly the one who has not grown or changed - reminding her of what she published in Restless Style years ago. Phyllis denies that she told Talia to write about her, but clearly the article has gotten under Diane’s skin. Phyllis goes IN on Diane and says that clearly the article has gotten under her skin, and Talia should win an award, before making her exit. Just then, Kyle makes an appearance.

Kyle sits down with Diane and asks her how she’s doing. Diane says it’s been difficult, but she’s dealing. Kyle reminds her he is always there to back her up.

Nikki/Nicholas: Nicholas arrives at the ranch to chat with Nikki. He’s thrilled that she watched Christian while Sharon is dropping off Faith at her dorm. Nikki seems concerned and says she’ll make some tea (mama will make everything alright).

Nikki returns and reminds him she’s gone through a similar situation. She understands why he is consumed with guilt. Nicholas says he just wants to breathe again and forget, but he’s forcing himself to do penance. He says he judged Adam so harshly when he found out he killed that man when he was a kid. Now, he finds himself in a strikingly similar place and Adam is actually trying to support him. Nikki thinks this whole situation would explain why Adam is Adam.

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-Chance and Abby are basking in the afterglow. They talk about being happy together, but Chance wonders how much their lives and jobs would change in her plan. She says they would keep their jobs, but he would pass on the risky stuff. She thinks the risky stuff keeps him distracted.

-Phyllis is thrilled that Kyle and Jack are good with her ideas. Kyle leaves and Phyllis wonders if Jack is in on his romantic idea about Summer. Just then, Jack asks Phyllis how much she had to do with Talia’s article about Diane. She denies ANY INVOLVEMENT, but Jack clearly doesn’t believe her.

-Kyle is back at the Abbott mansion trying to plan his surprise re-nuptials. Just as he’s trying to plan, Summer arrives and he wonders how much she heard. Summer wants to know what he’s up to. Kyle will only admit to planning a surprise for her.

-Jack comes out from his office just as Phyllis arrives again and asks for a minute. She wants Marchetti Home to take the Abbott living room and redecorate it, or maybe even the pool house. She thinks it would be explosive in social media. He isn’t so keen on changing his childhood home for good, but is okay with making it over and changing it back. As they are congratulating each other on the agreement, Diane arrives. She looks again at her previous text and writes back, “Things are still precarious. You shouldn’t contact me.”