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Tamron Hall on Talk Show Season 4: "I Can be a Black Host With a Loyal Following"

Tamron Hall's self-titled talk show kicked off its fourth season on September 6. And the host is exuding confidence, sporting a chic new blond 'do on the premiere. The Emmy winner sat down with Forbes to discuss her chatfest's evolution, including its renewal through Season 5.

She noted:

So we are only pitched Black actors, but Black actors and Black stars who are only known to the Black community. What I mean by that is if there's an A-list entertainer who happens to be Black, they are then pitched to another show. Someone who is only known within or only believed to be known within a diverse audience, that person is pitched to us. So we had to fight back on that a lot.

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Hall and her team have worked tirelessly to make Tamron Hall a success for all audiences. She shared:

I feel that with our show in the early seasons, we had to push back behind the scenes at this notion that the Black dollar is not valuable. I can be a Black host with a loyal following of people who may identify with me culturally, but also have a loyal following for people who don't. We've been able to do that, and that is why we're at season four and going into season five [because] I can be true to myself.

Hall is also passionate about highlighting stories of fellow pioneers in many different industries. She explained:

We've had female-run construction companies who were told they would never make it out of Texas. The owner is Latin, but she broke the ceiling in the construction world. So we're always talking about this. The core of our show is everybody's got a story. Let's talk about it, and that often includes someone doubting you can do it or the odds stacked against you that you won't be able to, and we do.