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Days of Our Lives Recap: John and Marlena Get Romantic While Orpheus’ Plan Takes Shape

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 7, 2022
Marlena Evans, John Black, Days of Our Lives

Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Mew Mew: Marlena is sitting on her bed scrolling through her tablet when John comes in with a tray of strawberries and cream. Methinks John and Marlena are about to get all John and Marlena. With that, he commences Operation: Spoil Marlena. She eats his berries and cream while John pulls out the massage oil.

Marlena and John are basking in the afterglow discussing what it means for them to be all John and Marlena. She wondered if she would ever see him again after being kidnapped by Orpheus - John had no doubt. He will always keep her safe - cue the requisite mews. They talk about how they’ve battled their enemies and how they will always win. That perked John up - time for round two! Apparently, Doc does good work as John is breathless. He agrees its her turn. Marlena thinks he should use the massage oil on her neck and see where it goes from there.

Reprimand: Jada, Kayla, and Steve enter the room where Orpheus held her hostage, along with Kate and Marlena. Steve explains how he diffused the bomb with barely any time to spare. Jada respects Steve, but thinks he acted a fool. Kayla defends Steve, but Jada reminds them there is a bomb squad and he’s no longer in the ISA. 

Steve and Kayla return home where she wants to thank him properly for saving his life. Just then, Stephanie enters all pissed off that Steve kept the kidnapping from her. He says he was protecting Kayla. She gets over it very quickly, and talks about Sonny and Victor. Stephanie agrees to stay for dinner. 

Miss a Day Miss a Lot: Eric is behind the bar at The Brady Pub when Kate enters with a birthday cake for Roman. Even though it was yesterday, Kate explains she was busy almost being blown up by Orpheus. Eric is stunned that such a thing could possibly happen in this peaceful town we call Salem. Just then, Roman arrives. They embrace and Eric is confused. He tells them if you miss a day you miss a lot. (It’s truly the best DAYS slogan of all time!)

Kate explains how they’ve gotten past what Lucas did to Samantha Gene (that was quick). She also wants to ask forgiveness for pushing him towards Nicole. Roman thinks he may have already found happiness with another. Just then, Jada arrives and meets Kate. Jada establishes that Kate was also kidnapped by Orpheus. Much like she did with Steve, Jada is furious that Roman took the law into his own hands. She’s over Roman and his cowboy friends taking the law into their own hands.

Governor Price? Stephanie is drinking coffee with Abe and Paulina. She thinks it’s amazing and Paulina explains she owns the coffee brand and the farm where the beans are grown. Paulina is a little annoyed that Steve almost got her injured, but decides to let it go. She wants to discuss the governor’s race.

Stephanie has been polling folks and has results. They have a problem. His support has vulnerability around specific questions. People like Abe, but they didn’t really want to talk about him, they wanted to talk about Paulina. She thinks the only way to fix this problem is for them to divorce. Abe freaks out as Stephanie tries to interrupt. Paulina’s scores were higher than Abe's. She’s not hindering him as much as folks like her better. She’s a better candidate.

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Abe and Paulina process Stephanie’s results. Paulina wants to ignore her work and get back to running Abe for governor. Abe thinks this state (which state?) is ready for a strong woman of color as governor. She thinks he is crazy, but is clearly intrigued by the idea.

When Dr. Rolf is Freaked Out… Dr. Rolf is talking to Li on the phone when he realizes someone is walking in. He thinks it’s Kristen, but it’s actually Orpheus. Dr. Rolf seems none too pleased to see his "old friend." He immediately begins to casually threaten him as Dr. Rolf seems paralyzed.

Dr. Rolf wants Orpheus to keep his hands off his IMPORTANT WORK! Orpheus quickly reminds him the only reason he is engaging in said work is because he got him released. Orpheus seems to know a lot about his current project. Orpheus explains that he doesn’t really care, but is more focused on carrying on Stefano’s work of going after John, Roman, and Steve. He moves back to Dr. Rolf’s work and says he’s been to his laboratory before, and knows all of the secrets it holds.

He found something in his cabinet that will destroy the lives of his enemies. Dr. Rolf grabs a scalpel and tries to threaten Orpheus, who tells him to slow his roll. He promises not to take the vial from the cabinet…because he already has it. Dr. Rolf puts down the scalpel and begs Orpheus to be careful with the vial. No need. It’s empty. Orpheus has already used its contents.

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-Paulina asks Abe if he really thinks she could win. He has no doubt. They then decide together that Paulina is going to run for governor!

-Roman makes a wish, but before he can blow out the candle, Kate sneezes all over the cake…

-Steve has prepared black pepper ribeye - apparently too much as Kayla sneezes all over her plate…

-As John starts massaging Marlena, she begins sneezing…

-Dr. Rolf is panicked that Orpheus used whatever was in that vial. John, Roman, and Steve think they were heroes, but it only delayed the deaths of Marlena, Kate, and Kayla.

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