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Perkie’s Observations: Anna Tells Robert About Her Plan to Take Down Victor on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 7, 2022
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today’s General Hospital recap: Lucy is not thrilled when Victor gets handsy at the poolside. He offers to take her to dinner, but Lucy thinks being seen together wouldn't sit well with Martin. Victor assures her that it will be their little secret, despite Lucy's issues. He wonders if someone has poisoned him against her, such as Scotty. Lucy agrees to a business lunch, and Victor warns her not to waste his time.

Anna wants Robert's list of all the contacts he's ever used and says her mission needs to stay off the record. Robert asks for details and Anna tells him that she's going to take down Victor. Robert wants in, but Anna says she can't let anyone else get involved and is worried about collateral damage. Robert reminds her that Victor is dangerous and jokingly gives her a quarter if she ever needs to call him for backup. Robert gives her a final warning about Valentin before leaving.

Valentin meets with Alexis (what a missed opportunity to have them not be siblings, these two sparkle together). Alexis accuses him of doing Victor's bidding and says if his father wants something from her, he can come directly to her. Valentin brings up Ava's attack and how Alexis' Invader can help point the finger away from the Cassadines. Valentin says police are focused on Nikolas, but it could be a stranger obsessed with Ava. Alexis wonders why he cares about the Cassadine legacy.

Cody's helping Dante move into the penthouse with Sam. Sonny drops by with a welcome to the building lasagna. Cody's interest is piqued when he hears that Sonny lives across the hall. When Sam and Dante leave them alone, Sonny brings up Spinelli and says and doesn't want Cody exploiting him. Cody swears he won’t hurt Spinelli.

Dante and Sam invite Sonny to dinner. He asks if they're okay with him bringing Nina. Dante believes they can make it work. After Sonny leaves, Dante and Sam celebrate, and she says she hopes he truly sees this as his home.

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Mason meets with Austin to remind him for the tenth time he needs to go home. Austin replies for the tenth time that Port Charles is his home. Austin questions whether Mason had anything to do with Ava's stabbing, but Mason denies it.

Mason tells Austin he'll be getting a patient next week that "she" wants him to take a personal interest in. Mason tells him to do what he's told. Britt interrupts and Austin introduces them before Mason takes off. Britt questions Austin, who insists Mason is his cousin.

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Mac claims he wants more information about Ava's stabbing. He checks in with Britt and Austin, but asks about Cody. Britt gets tired of Mac's questions and admits she knows he had a thing with Dominique back in the day.

Maxie tells Felicia that she finds Cody attractive and would make a play if she wasn't with Austin. Felicia warns her it's a bad idea, so Maxie pushes and Felicia admits that Mac could be his dad. Felicia tells Maxie the back story and how Dominique was with Mac before she was sent to Shadybrook. Felicia says the baby could have been his.

Mac shows up and tells Maxie there is no way of knowing the truth without a DNA test, but doesn't think he wants to know. He says he's having a hard time accepting the fact he didn't know he had a son all these years.

Mac says Dominique wasn't the type of person to have a baby and give him up. Both he and Felicia believe something nefarious happened while she was at Shadybrook. They figure if Leopold knew he wasn't the father, he'd give the baby to the Bells to get a better hand on their fortune. Mac wants to know more about Cody before he tells him anything.

Britt summons Cody to ask him what he knows about Mac and why Mac's interested in him.

Lucy meets with Anna and tells her about Victor's lunch invitation and says she's not happy about it. Anna is certain nothing Lucy does will betray what she has with Martin.

Victor sets up a meeting with Sonny.

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