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The Young and the Restless Recap: Nate Plots a Solo Power Play in Devon's Absence

The Young and the Restless Recap for September 8, 2022
Nate Hastings, The  Young and the Restless

Sean Dominic

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Society: Jack confronts Phyllis about lying about the article. He knows Phyllis was seen multiple times with Talia and asks her to clarify her position.

Phyllis chides Jack about defending Diane's honor, but when pressed, Phyllis continues to lie. Phyllis gets upset and questions why she's always the go to person when Diane's life gets messy. She and Nikki insist that Talia was working on her own, but Jack doesn't believe them. Before he leaves, he tells the gals to MOVE ON!

Phyllis and Nikki wonder who could have convinced Talia to kill the rest of the articles. They just don't think Diane has that kind of clout. Nikki tells Phyllis she's heading to LA to see Deacon. Phyllis wonders if Nikki's up to the task and she claims that she is.

Chancellor Park: Tessa is nervously waiting for the photo shoot to get underway. Mariah asks the photographer to give them fun and romance, but she retorts she can only capture what the model gives her. Tessa looks terrified at the start the shoot. Click click, flash flash and the photographer wants some LIFE in her model, but Tessa needs a moment and halts the shoot.

Adam turns up and is stopped from coming in by Summer. He reminds her that he's the new co-CEO and wants to see how things are going, as he spies a very miserable Tessa. Summer assures Adam things are under control. Kyle turns up to mansplain Summer's resistance to let Adam join them. Kyle and Adam cross swords over power trying to top one another until Adam leaves.

Mariah gives Tessa a pep talk. She tells her to feel her music like she did during her videos. Mariah hits the music and Tessa responds to the photographer.

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Chancellor-Winters: Imani returns and assures Lily and Billy she is ready to dive back into work. She perks up when she hears that Nate will be joining them. At the meeting, talk turns to the hotel acquisition and podcasts.

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When alone, Imani questions what Nate is up to and he admits his wheels are turning. She was impressed with his control in the meeting. Nate says he's taking her advice and will make a move while Devon's gone.

Billy tells Lily he's concerned about her after all of her recent losses and rejections. Billy wonders if it's time to let Chelsea and Johnny get to know each other through play dates with Connor. Lily says her personal experience taught her that sooner is better than later when it comes to Johnny knowing the truth.

Crimson Lights: Nate wants to take a move about the music festival while Devon is out of town. Elena advises him the problems he has with Devon happen when he makes unilateral decisions. Nate is feeling himself and plans to move forward. Elena thinks he's overconfident and questions where these grandiose ideas are coming from.

Later, Elena runs into Imani. Imani tells her how great Nate was in the meeting and wonders why Elena told him to quit. Elena warns Imani to back off, but Imani pretends innocence. Elena explains that Nate could end up hurting the him, the company, and others. Imani realizes what Nate's planning.

Lauren's talking about the remarkable changes that Summer and Kyle made with Marchetti. Chelsea overhears Lauren give kudos to her replacement.

Billy invites Chelsea and Connor to join him and Johnny at the pool.

Jabot: Adam asks Diane about the photo shoot and she tells him about the turn of events. Diane remarks that she was a Jabot model back in the day and Adam wonders if she'd be interested in revisiting her past. Diane remarks she's had enough exposure. Adam commiserates with her about media exposés and the people who live to take them down. They hope they can be allies (YES!!). 

At the pool, Chelsea is grateful to Billy and watches the boys frolic.

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