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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: The Forresters Overwhelm Hope With Family Unity

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for September 8, 2022
Zende Forrester, Thomas Forrester, Eric Forrester, Hope Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Casa de Forrester: Zende and Eric are looking at Eric’s portrait (returned to its rightful place). Zende wonders if Eric is okay with his breakup with Quinn. Eric says it was time for both of them to move along (where exactly is Quinn?).

Steffy and Hope have descended the staircase after checking on Douglas. Steffy is telling Hope how much Douglas loves being at the mansion. Just then, Finn arrives to join the discussion. They join with Thomas to continue POUNDING INTO HER BRAIN they are a family and she is always welcome.

Ridge and Taylor are talking about Thomas' excitement for the future with Douglas. Ridge thinks Hope feels the same way. Eric and Finn join the conversation and begin discussing why Brooke didn’t join. Ridge says she didn’t want to intrude since she wasn’t on “the original guest list.” Finn wonders if she really wanted to be as these dynamics would be incredibly awkward. Eric interjects and oddly says that no matter how old “kids” get they always want their parents together (is that really accurate outside of Brad’s world?). Cue Taylor and Steffy giggling about Ridge. Taylor gives a pretty moving speech about family while Hope observes looking skeptical. 

Chez Logan: Brooke and Liam are hanging out at the cabin discussing how to solve problems like Thomas and Taylor. Also, why were they not invited to the party (they aren’t wrong)? Brooke was hoping Donna would report back on the party, but she’s out with Katie. Liam is freaking out, but Brooke tells him to look at the big picture. She thinks Thomas trying to snatch Douglas and Taylor wanting Ridge are connected. Brooke proceeds to tell him the story (stories?) of how Taylor has insinuated herself into their relationship (through multiple kisses…). She explains how they have forgiven each other for multiple kisses (for the love…). Brooke and Liam continue until they establish how there is a plot to reunite the Forrester family and to keep them out.

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When Ridge returns, Brooke snarks a bit about the Forrester family gathering. Rather than talk, she decides the situation requires seduction and gets down to business.

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 Beach House: Steffy and Finn return home and are already half nekkid and sipping on wine when Taylor decides she wants nuts. Nuts and wine make Steffy think of Ridge, and she reminds Taylor he clearly still loves her.

Cabin: Hope returns and is visibly upset. Liam thinks Thomas stopped Hope from taking Douglas. She’s upset because Douglas wanted to stay and she doesn't know what to do. 

Forrester Living Room: A very shirtless Thomas comes downstairs for his phone where he sees a picture of him with Hope and Thomas. He flashes back to when he was using Douglas as bait to manipulate Hope. He reprimands himself as Hope is married and he shouldn’t even be thinking about her in that way.

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