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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Wants Victor to Stay Off His Turf on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 9, 2022
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today’s General Hospital recap: Mac wonders if he should bother looking into Cody, despite Maxie and Felicia thinking it would give him peace of mind either way. The women insist, but Mac worries what it would do to their family. Mac says he loves the life they have together and doesn't want anything to change. Felicia says she doesn't need blood ties to welcome Cody into their family. Mac says he's a stranger and they don't know Cody. Felicia says she'll support whatever decision Mac makes, but warns that Maxie will feel compelled to meddle.

Rory's assigned to take Spencer to Pentonville. He says he has a buddy inside that can help Spencer navigate, but Spencer's not interested. The two get into a sniping match about Trina before Rory leaves.

Rory asks Jordan for tips on how to get Taggert on his side since he's dating Trina. Jordan doesn't feel it's her place, but mentions a favorite sports team.

Nikolas is not happy to find he's barred from visiting Ava. Trina however, is allowed access, so Nikolas asks her to tell Ava he's visiting Spencer before he leaves for Pentonville.

Trina and Ava discuss what happened, and Trina questions why Ava wouldn't let Nikolas in. Ava wants to hear about Trina, who tells her that she's been reinstated at PCU. Ava warns Trina not to be alone at the gallery for her safety.

Trina talks about her confusion from the party and the letter Spencer wrote to her. Ava tells her that Spencer knew all along Trina was innocent and stayed with Esme to prove she was responsible. Ava believes Spencer genuinely cares about her and tells her to think about what she needs. She says whoever Trina chooses should be worthy of her.

Sonny accuses Victor of making messes and wants to know how he plans on cleaning them up. He says Victor has caused a lot of trouble and is angry with Victor for letting Spencer take the fall for him. Victor claims he can protect his family.

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Sonny warns him if either he or Nikolas had anything to do with hurting Ava, they'll answer to him. Victor says they don't have to be adversaries and warns him to back off. Sonny tells Victor to stay away from Ava.

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Dante is surprised when he gets an offer on his house and seems hesitant, but Sam tells him to sleep on it before making a decision. The two talk about Cody and Sam thinks he's a decent guy.

Britt tells Cody that Mac was asking about him regarding Ava's stabbing and Cody swears he's not a killer. He wonders if he should leave town, but Britt convinces him to stay and fight. Cody makes a snipe about Mac just as Maxie arrives. She overhears and defends Mac. Maxie says Mac is doing his job by interviewing everyone who was at the picnic. Cody storms off and Maxie tells Britt while he might not have attacked Ava, she believes Cody is up to no good.

Nikolas heads to the station and Jordan tries to question him again. (Gosh, they make her so ineffectual.) Nikolas wants to see Spencer and Jordan allows him. Spencer wants nothing to do with Nikolas and warns him if he doesn't leave, he'll tell Jordan that Nikolas and Ava argued at the picnic.

Victor interrupts to warn Spencer not to say anything about Nikolas. Nikolas mentions he can't get in to see Ava and Spencer accuses him of being the one to attack her. Spencer says Nikolas is capable of hurting people. He invokes Hayden's name, but Victor stops the arguing again. Victor tells Nikolas that Sonny was asking questions about Esme.

Sonny stops by to see Ava and she thanks him for posting Frank at the door because it gives her peace of mind. Sonny wonders if she knows who attacked her and asks who he's protecting her from.

Rory tells Spencer the prison van is here for him and Spencer is upset that no one is there to see him off. (Yeah, Cameron should totally have been there.)

Trina gets to the station, but Spencer has already been taken to Pentonville. 

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