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Days of Our Lives Recap: Stefan’s Return to The DiMera Mansion Wreaks Havoc on Gabi And Ava

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 9, 2022
Stefan DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Brandon Barash

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Manipulative Proposal: Li is down on one knee proposing to a very skeptical Gabi. He says he loves her while flashing back to discussing Stefan with Dr. Rolf. She apologizes and asks for a moment.Li heaps compliments on her, and Gabi begins to melt. She tells him that what was once a fun fling has grown into something deeper. Stefan will always have her heart, but there is room for Li. She would be honored to be his wife. He slips on the ring and wants to go celebrate. Gabi says they first need to go to Jake’s memorial.

DiMera Dysfunction: Anna and Tony are discussing EJ being a jerk towards Johnny regarding Ava. Tony doesn’t get it, but Anna quickly schools him saying it’s obvious that Johnny has a crush on her. She goes on to say that EJ needs to get over himself. She would be happy if Johnny were interested in Ava.

Stefan is in the DiMera crypt checking out where he was buried (yup, that’s what I typed) when Ava arrives - thinking he’s Jake. She thought he was dead, and he says “not anymore.” Ava says this confirms what she saw at the house the other day. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Ava is convinced she’s seeing things, says he’s not Jake, and leaves. Stefan wonders who the hell Jake is.

Stefan takes a seat and looks at Jake’s plaque. He notices that Jake was also born on his birthday. Could Jake have been his twin?

Johnny and EJ are upstairs discussing Ava. EJ is worried that Ava is mentally unstable, but Johnny thinks she’s just devastated because of the upcoming wake. He also thinks EJ is rooting for her to break down. He doesn’t understand when family stopped meaning something to EJ.

Johnny arrives downstairs and Anna embraces him. Just then, Ava arrives saying she saw “him” down at the crypt but tries to cover. Tony asks if she saw Jake again. She knows it’s impossible, but it happened. Johnny offers to go the crypt with Ava to straighten all this out. Just afterwards, EJ enters and Tony tells him that Ava thinks she saw Jake again.

Tony hopes EJ isn’t being too destructive at the crypt. Anna gets snarky assuming he is being his usual, compassionate self. Just then, Li and Gabi enter. She immediately announces their engagement. Anna gets a look at the ring and embraces her. Tony fills them in on Ava’s latest Jake sighting. Li immediately looks uncomfortable and wants to check it out.

Ava tells Johnny she’s just as afraid that Jake really exists as much as she’s afraid she is the only one who can see him. Johnny says he will support her no matter what. He goes on to remind her just how often the DiMera’s have come back from the grave (it plays nicely when characters are written to express the obvious). They enter the crypt and Jake (really Stefan) is gone. Johnny reminds Ava she saw visions of Charlie after he died and maybe they need to get her checked out. Ava explains this situation doesn’t feel the same. She quickly exits right before EJ comes in all but dancing an “I told you so” jig.

Johnny thinks EJ is gaslighting Ava. EJ insists she’s doing it to herself.  Johnny brings the receipts throwing EJ’s words back in his face. He thinks EJ donned a mask or hired a double (both plausible in Salem). How could he be so unkind to his sister-in-law. Without recognizing the irony, EJ says Ava is his “alleged” sister-in-law and is amoral (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Say other funny things, EJ.) He’s furious that Johnny is so naive and gullible. Johnny would rather have a heart, tells EJ to leave Ava alone, and storms (more storming) out.

Ava is packing her bags because the DiMera house of horrors is driving her insane. She says she is going back to Jake’s former apartment. Johnny is concerned since Kristen is the O.G. gaslighter. Ava thinks her mob past is coming back to haunt her. Johnny thinks the Vitali crime family probably pales in comparison to Stefano’s horror show. Ava is clearly touched by Johnny’s compassion and growing affection.

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Storming: Kristen storms into Brady and Chloe’s room whilst they are in a state of undress. She’s frantically looking for Stefan - but can’t say that. Brady and Chloe wonder for whom she is looking while Kristen flashes back to telling Stefan to go straight to the room at the Salem Inn. She covers by saying she thought Chloe was having an affair with an intern. She quickly makes her leave saying she will see Brady tomorrow in court.

Kristen storms into Dr. Rolf’s laboratory (she’s doing a lot of storming today) and demands to know where Stefan is. He assumed Stefan was at the Salem Inn - as Kristen instructed. He warned her it was way too soon to release Stefan into the world. Kristen thinks Dr. Rolf has screwed all this up, and, more importantly, it’s ruining her day. They quickly figure out that Stefan was at the mansion since Ava had another Jake sighting.

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-EJ is dramatically roaming around the crypt telling anyone who will listen about Johnny accusing him of gaslighting Ava (Gabi’s sigh/eye roll combo made me giggle). After calling Johnny a disloyal swine, both Tony and Gabi reprimand EJ. Anna quickly tells everyone to table the snarkiness and pay homage to Jake. With that, Tony begins the wake.

-Anna tells Tony his tribute was touching. Tony wonders if anyone invited Kristen. EJ feels the need to cut Ava again and wonders where Jake’s grieving widow was. Anna is sure she is expressing her grief in her own way. Tony suggests they head back to the house for cocktail. They all exit leaving Li and Gabi alone in the crypt. Gabi asks Li if she can have a moment alone so she can reflect on her life with Stefan as she moves on to her engagement with him.

-Stefan enters the DiMera mansion living room wondering where everyone is. He slowly walks around refamiliarizing himself (it looks very different from the last time he was there). He quickly finds the bar, pours himself a drink, and toasts Stefano.

-Kristen is still berating Dr. Rolf about his “incompetence.” (Really, she kept a man WITHOUT A HEART alive for four years!). She goes on to say that Li Shin will also make him pay.

-Johnny begs Ava not to leave. He thinks the house would be unbearable without her there. She doesn’t understand why he’s being so nice to her. Johnny tells her that he cares for her A LOT… and then the kissing commences.

-Anna, Tony, and EJ return to the main house where Anna suggest they get ready to toast Gabi and Li’s engagement. EJ, who needed no other reason to be enraged, goes ballistic. He insists their engagement is just a business-based power play. Tony agrees, but Anna tells them to stop being cynics. She wants to grab some champagne but then notices the empty glass - who left that there.

-Gabi sits on the bench and tells dead Stefan that she has to move on with her life. However, even though she’s engaged to Li, he will always be the love of her life. She has to let him go. She says goodbye, rises, and goes to leave - but not before she comes FACE TO FACE WITH ALIVE STEFAN!

A reminder that Friday’s episode was the last to air on NBC broadcast. Beginning Monday, September 12, DAYS will air exclusively on the Peacock streaming service. 

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