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Man Who Stalked All My Children's Eva La Rue and Daughter Sentenced to Prison

Eva LaRue

Former All My Children and The Young and the Restless actress Eva LaRue and her daughter Kaya Callahan (daughter of late AMC actor John Callahan), 21, are finally getting justice against an Ohio man. James David Rogers, who spent 12 years on a harassment and stalking campaign, began stalking the two in 2007. He sent letters and phone calls to LaRue, threatening to harm the actress and her daughter, who was five years old at the time, according to the New York Daily News. 

From March 2007 to June 2015, he mailed to the mother and daughter 27 handwritten and typed letters where he threatened to rape and kill them. In a letter addressed to Callahan back in 2015, Rogers wrote:

I am the man who has been stalking for the last 7 years. Now I have my eye on you too.

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Rogers signed the letter with the name “Freddie Krueger,” the fictitious horror character from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Rogers was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in federal prison on Sept. 8. 

Rogers was finally arrested in Nov. 2019 but prior to that according to prosecutors Rogers left a voice message at Callahan's school where he threatened to molest, rape, and kill her. Due to the harassments both LaRue and her daughter received, the two moved countless times to get away from the threats Rogers sent but were quickly found by him. According to prosecutors:

They tried to anonymize their addresses as much as possible by avoiding receiving mail and packages at their actual address. To no avail. Each time they moved, [Rogers'] letters — and the victims' terror would always follow. And [Rogers] knew it.

Rogers apologized to LaRue via Zoom and was ordered to surrender on Oct. 12.