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The Talk Returns For Season 13 With Howie Mandel and Andy Grammer

The Talk, CBS

On September 12, The Talk launched Season 13 with a whole lot of fun. And that includes guests and performances galore!

The episode, the first of this week's carnival-themed shows, introduced a new theme song. Platinum singer Andy Grammer delivered a live performance of the tune in question, "Good Company (The Talk Theme)," during the premiere.

Then, America's Got Talent judge Howie Mandel appeared to discuss his work on the talent competition. Co-host Natalie Morales asked how he feels when he receives fan backlash. Mandel replied:

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I don't think I'm mean; I think I'm honest. We don't rehearse that show....I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings and sometimes I feel bad after because on Twitter, you kill me. But I'm okay with it. I'm just honest, I don't think I'm mean...I'm keeping it real.

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This episode was dedicated to The Talk's late executive producer, Heather Gray. Co-host Amanda Kloots honored Gray, saying:

I know from firsthand you may lose somebody, but you never really lose somebody. They're always around you. Their spirit is always around you...and we feel her today.