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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Adam Seeks Forgiveness From Sally

Adam Newman, The Young and the Restless

Imani: The vixen barrister (Leigh-Ann Rose) continues to instigate things with Nate (Sean Dominic).

Kyle: The Abbott playboy (Michael Mealor) has a surprise for his wife Summer (Allison Lanier).

Noah: The prodigal son (Rory Gibson) begins a brand-new enterprise.

Nikki: The socialite (Melody Thomas Scott) plays a dangerous game.

Victor: The Black Knight (Eric Braeden) gets under Diane's (Susan Walters) skin. Look for Victor to have a showdown with Jack (Peter Bergman).

Adam: The black-sheep Newman (Mark Grossman) wants Sally's (Courtney Hope) forgiveness.

Fall Spoilers

Chelsea/Billy/Lily: The con artist/designer (Melissa Claire Egan) sets her sights again on her old mark: Billy (Jason Thompson). Chelsea wants to do more than kiss Billy and starts to travel down a dark path. Look for Billy to help Chelsea before she spirals out of control. Meanwhile, Billy doesn't feel like his place is with Chancellor-Winters, resulting in some trouble at home with Lily (Christel Khalil).

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Adam/Sally/Nick: The truce and semi-friendly relationship between the Newman brothers will end because of one spunky redhead: Sally. Look for things between Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sally to heat up and cause Adam to go off. The dynamic between them is going to get spicy. Adam didn't anticipate Sally would rebuff his explanation over why he dumped her and that he still loved her. The fallout from Adam's actions results in Sally becoming closer to Nick.

Diane/Jack/Phyllis: The architect's false facade she's showing to Old Smilin' Jack and Kyle, that she's a new and improved person, crumbles. Meanwhile, Red (Michelle Stafford) continues to undermine Diane at Marchetti.

Ashley/Nikki/Phyllis: The trio's team-up to take down Diane results in a precarious situation for the ladies, especially Nikki. Watch for a painful issue from Ashley's past to be revealed.

Devon/Elena/Nate/Imani: Dr. Hastings' frustrations at Chancellor-Winters starts to mount up. Nate continues to lean on Imani and follow her advice, while strife between him and his cousin/boss Devon (Bryton James) continues. How will Elena (Brytni Sarpy) feel about their closeness? The simmering animosity Nate has for Devon bubbles up to the surface. Nate's next move results in a ripple effect that may create issues for the company and the family. 

Chance/Abby: The marital bliss for the two (Conner Floyd and Melissa Ordway) ends. Look for issues to arise for the couple, which makes them wonder if they got hitched too quickly.

Noah/Allie: The eldest Newman grandchild opens up his new nightclub. Noah feels like he finally found his calling with Allie (Kelsey Wang) right beside him.

Victor/Jack: Mr. Moneybags will referee the beef between Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Adam. Victor is not thrilled with Adam's decision to work for Jabot and views it as a betrayal and siding with the ops (enemy). Jack tries to give Adam a chance, but others at Jabot aren't willing.

Tessa/Mariah/Sharon: The lovebirds (Cait Fairbanks and Camryn Grimes) will face issues with their adoption process. Look for Sharon (Sharon Case) to be helping with their adoption, and her therapy skills will come into play.

Trevor St. John: His character is connected to some in Genoa City.