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WATCH: B&B's Sean Kanan Teases Deacon and Nikki Drama (VIDEO)

The Bold and the Beautiful actor Sean Kanan (Deacon) popped by Bold Live on September 9. He chatted with B&B supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk about Deacon's troubled love life. He also teased B&B's upcoming crossover episodes with The Young and the Restless, which will feature him and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki).

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Recalling a moment a few weeks ago with Thomas Scott, Kanan reminisced:

We just went outside and we're rehearsing and talking and just fell back into this familiarity that we had when we were working consistently together. She and I hadn't really seen each other in a long time; we hadn't talked, either. I have the wonderful benefit, along of working with you, of working with [B&B supervising producer and Thomas Scott's husband] Ed Scott, but I hadn't seen Melody in a long time. And we just fell right back into it and I think we were able to bring some stuff that wasn't necessarily on the page for those scenes to those scenes.

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What's to come for Deacon and Nikki? Kanan previewed:

Well, I can tell you that Deacon gets a text message. He doesn't know who it's from. And it requests his presence at a Beverly Hills hotel and when he shows up, he comes face to face with his ex-wife Nikki, and he has no idea... Well, he has some idea. I shouldn't say he has no idea. He's not exactly sure....

On the home front, Deacon is currently shacked up with villainous Sheila (Kimberlin Brown). Kanan shared:

It's been really fun playing this because I didn't think there was going to be a romantic relationship between these two characters. And once we were thrust into living in this confined space in Deacon's apartment and trying to keep the world at bay because she's a fugitive, we both talked about it and we said, 'Look, I think the stronger choice to play here, even if it's not necessarily written that way, is that begrudgingly, inch by inch, these two people are going to start to have some kind of feelings for each other. It may be dysfunctional and it may be borne out of extraordinary external pressure, but it can't just be quippy and sex.'

Peep the full interview below.