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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ava Pulls The Plug Before She And Johnny Can Do The Deed

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 12, 2022
Ava Vitali, Days of Our Lives

Tamara Braun, Carson Boatman

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Days of Our Lives

Work Woes: Alex is on the phone with Justin checking on Sonny when Stephanie enters his office at Titan. He reports the latest good news about business and suggests they celebrate with drinks! Stephanie thinks Alex should slow his roll and stop trying to hit on her. She reminds him that she started her career in the racing world (nice!) and knows too many guys like him. Alex apologizes saying he’s never felt like this about anyone. Alex agrees to respect her boundaries and she makes her exit.

Reversing Course: Johnny tells Ava he cares about her and they kiss and aggressively hit the bed. They are half way to glory when Ava says they just can’t do this. She reminds him about their age difference, but Johnny has always been mature for his age. She also doesn’t want to come between him and EJ. Ava brings up Chanel - Johnny has an answer for everything. She then pulls the “dead husband” card. He apologizes, but they are clearly attracted to one another. Ava likes Johnny but thinks nekkid fun time shouldn’t happen. She needs to heal and keep her life simple. 

EJ busts in, tells Ava to leave and calls here a “scheming slut.” Johnny says he’s going with her. EJ storms out and Ava and Johnny discuss going to the Salem Inn.

Reunion Gone Wrong: Gabi is in the crypt talking to dead Stefan. She needs to make a new life for herself, but he will always be the love of her life. She gets up to leave and runs into a very much alive Stefan who looks at her and says hello. Gabi thinks it’s Jake and Stefan continues to be annoyed about this guy who must be his twin. He tells Gabi he is Stefan. She goes on a rant about how Dr. Rolf couldn’t save Stefan and Julie’s chest currently holds his heart, and the suit he’s wearing is Jake’s! Stefan explains that Kristen brought him the suit and Dr. Rolf procured him a new heart. He is, in fact, Stefan. Gabi immediately kisses him. He pulls away and says he can’t stand the sight of her. 

Li arrives and is awkwardly surprised - telling Stefan they are engaged. This news seems to amuse him, but he is cordial. Gabi begs Stefan to go to a hospital so he can get checked out and hopefully remember everything. Stefan says he remembers how happy he was with Chloe until Gabi came along and ruined it.

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Political Plans: Paulina is chatting with Chanel and Abe when Allie walks in with a bunch of campaign cookies. Paulina takes a bite and says they just won’t do. They say “vote for Abe” and she forgot to tell them it is now her that is running for governor. Chanel is stunned and Paulina explains how she got here. They promise to support her and bake more cookies.

Stephanie arrives and pumps Paulina and Abe up as a political power couple. She thinks Paulina’s candidacy plays better with Abe as mayor. Paulina says everything isn’t coming up roses and dives into her past with TR and with the passing of Chanel’s father (did we know Chanel’s father was dead?). Abe and Paulina go on to explain the course of their relationship. 

Bitter Bits: Alex is talking to his new besties Chanel and Allie in front of Sweet Bits - while also molesting and ice cream cone. He explains his recently broken heart and Chanel thinks he needs to have a random hook up to cleanse his pallet. Alex works his cone in a very sexual way and asks if they want to help a brother out. Allie thinks Alex should sit with his feelings and not give up so easily on his new, sort of enlightened, path (These three are good together as friends).

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-Ava and Johnny come downstairs with suitcases. EJ is livid and announces that Ava is a COOGAH and is not to be trusted. Johnny grabs the bags, Ava playfully growls at EJ, and they exit.

-Stephanie is having a drink when Alex arrives. He awkwardly tries to leave, but she tells him to pull up a stool.

-Allie and Chanel hope Alex will be okay. They reconfirm with each other they don’t want to share each other with anyone. Just then, Ava and Johnny arrive with their bags and he tells them they were kicked out and will be staying at the Salem Inn.

-Gabi doesn’t understand why Stefan thinks she messed up his relationship with Chloe. Stefan leaves and Li awkwardly acknowledges how difficult all this must be and that he will make everything okay. 

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