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Perkie's Observations: Liz Worries About Her Lost Time During Ava's Attack on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 12, 2022
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

On today’s General Hospital recap: Brook Lynn tells Ned that she and Chase are dating. He's happy for her until she tells him she'll be managing his career. Ned said having Lois manage him was difficult and says sometimes it's impossible to mix business and pleasure. Brook Lynn is certain that she and Chase can do this together. Ned advises her that things may not go as smoothly as she wants.

Chase runs into Ned and promises he just wants to make Brook Lynn happy. Ned warns him that he'll hurt him if he hurts Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn interrupts them, and Ned tells them how hard it is to get a music career off the ground. After Ned leaves, Chase wonders if going after Linc is still worth it.

Chase says he doesn't want to do anything to mess up their relationship and thinks they should drop whatever revenge they have against Linc. Brook Lynn believes they can have it all and is certain they can deal with Linc without it hurting their relationship.

Selina makes herself at home at The Savoy to meet with Cody, who wants in on the next game. He plans on leaving and needs the money. He wants her to loan him the money to sit in and promises she'll get her investment back. Selina agrees to stake his buy in. He must however,  follow her orders if she wants another player to win or lose.

Curtis gets a call from Nneka that Selina is meeting with someone and heads to the club, Selina says she wants to upgrade his audio board to enhance his customer's musical experience. Curtis reminds Selina that The Savoy is his business, not hers.

Selina says she's invested in the club's success with musical talent and remembers her conversation with Sonny when he told her about Chase. Selina says Chase brought the house down at the Haunted Star. Curtis says Chase was booked, but his manager cancelled and Selina wants him to rebook Chase. She says it would be good for the club.

Stella remembers taking the divorce papers from Jordan's desk. She talks to Jordan about Curtis and Portia's engagement. Stella brings Jordan's marriage to Curtis and Jordan questions what she's done. Stella admits she took the signed divorce papers so they were never filed. She says Jordan and Curtis are still married.

Jordan says Stella had no right to meddle. Stella says she doesn't know what happened to the papers after she suffered her stroke. Stella says she lost the memory of taking the envelope, but it came back when she heard about the engagement. Curtis barrels into Jordan's office to tell her that he spoke to his attorney and there is no sign of divorce papers.

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Dante heads to the hospital. He wants Liz to see if anyone was brought in the night Ava was stabbed with similar injuries. Liz checks, but says no one matches the description. Dante asks if she remember anything else from that night, just as Nikolas walks up.

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Cody summons Dante and asks why Mac is out to get him. Cody says Mac is treating him like a suspect, but Dante says he hasn't heard anything about it. Cody thinks Mac wants to pin this on him since he's the new guy in town. Dante says Mac is the fairest person and will follow the evidence. Cody decides he'll stay and Dante promises he won't let him take the fall for Ava's attack. Cody calls Selina and agrees to be her ringer in the poker game.

Gregory questions Finn about Liz. He tells his father there is something in Liz's past and he doesn't know how to help her. Gregory says there is a reason Liz repressed her memories until she can work through them.

Ava swears she has no idea who attacked her, but Sonny says she was staying at the Metro Court and asks if Nikolas was the one who tried to kill her. Ava denies there being any problem in her marriage, but Sonny pushes and asks about Esme. Ava plays dumb by claiming she heard Esme ran overseas.

Sonny says Nikolas has been acting squirrelly, like he's hiding something. Ava says Nikolas couldn't have stabbed her because he was with Liz at the time. Sonny points out the two have been friends for years, but Ava doesn't believe Liz would lie to police to give Nikolas an alibi.

Sonny continues to push about Nikolas and Esme, though Ava tries to spin a tale that Sonny sees through. Sonny wants to know why she hasn't told the police she suspects Nikolas of stabbing her. Sonny says he won't let it stand if it turns out it was Nikolas.

Liz admits to Nikolas that there is a chunk of time at the party she can't account for and it was around the time Ava was attacked. Nikolas reassures her that he doesn't believe she is capable of attacking Ava. Liz asks if he lied about being with her to protect himself.

Nikolas swears he didn't stab Ava, but since the police don't know the exact time, it could have been when he was with Liz. Liz says Nikolas has been acting suspiciously, which he denies. He points out that whoever attacked Ava is still out there. Nikolas throws it back that Liz has also been acting out of character. Liz admits to Nikolas that her life is out of control right now and he hugs her as Finn arrives.

Liz tells Finn that she believes Nikolas is hiding something, though she doesn't believe he stabbed Ava. Liz says she's losing time and thinks she needs to tell the police she doesn't know if she and Nikolas were together at the time of Ava's attack. 

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