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The Talk's Sheryl Underwood on Former Co-Host Sharon Osbourne: "I Miss Her"

Sheryl Underwood, Sharon Osbourne

The Talk's Sheryl Underwood is opening up about Sharon Osbourne. Speaking to People, the comedian discussed how she feels about her ex-co-host.

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Underwood divulged:

I miss her. I miss her. You can't work with somebody for all that time. I have an equation that I use — time plus distance equals clarity. When you work in daytime with somebody, 220 shows, four days a week, traveling with them, talking to them, you can't forget that.

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In March 2021, Osbourne vehemently defended Piers Morgan's controversial comments over Meghan Markle's confessions of mental health struggles. On TV, Osbourne demanded that Underwood "educate" her over why standing with Morgan was problematic, while Underwood attempted to discuss the issue. Further allegations of Osbourne exhibiting racist or bullying behavior emerged, and Mrs. O eventually exited The Talk.

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Underwood stays in touch with other ex-co-hosts, though. She shared:

I'm still nosy. I'm in everyone's social media. We just saw Sara. One of our executive producers, Heather Gray passed and she left us with the blueprint for the season and her spirit. [There was] a memorial service on the lot. We felt so loved and appreciated and Sara Gilbert came. It was just so nice to see her. We all still talk to each other in different ways and you see Julie [Chen] at Big Brother on the lot. We text and we talk. Eve, with the baby. We all keep in touch as much as we can without being intrusive.