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The Young and the Restless Recap: Diane Makes Accusations Against Phyllis But Summer's Not Convinced

The Young and the Restless Recap for September 13, 2022
Diane Jenkins, The Young and the Restless

Susan Walters

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: 

Newman Media: Nick arrives tells Sally he covered for with Victoria when she was missing the marketing summit. Sally wants to know if she's out of a job and Nick tells her she's okay for now, but Victoria is a harder sell. Sally realizes she faces an uphill battle and is doing everything possible to salvage her misstep. Sally's determined to push Adam away and keep moving forward toward success. Despite her determination, she feels like she an imposter.

Newman Ranch: Nikki lies and tells Victoria she's taking the next day off to go to LA to see the Forresters. She wants them to make Summer a wedding gown as a gift to her. Nikki explains her secret would be out if she asked a Marchetti designer to do it.

Victoria's not buying her story and wants the truth. Nikki tries, but can't lie. She admits she's going to see Deacon, who can help her in her quest to get Diane out of town. Victoria is surprised and tells her to stay out of it, but Nikki explains why she has unfinished business with Deacon. Victoria thinks Deacon could be a dangerous trigger for her. Nikki assures her she's a different person and she'll be okay.

Victoria questions if Diane's bothering her. Nikki is forced to admit that nothing's happened, but she doesn't think her rival has changed at all. She wants Diane gone. After Victoria leaves, Nikki touches base with Phyllis. 

Society: Victor joins Jack for a drink. Victor admits he's not happy about Jack's latest hire. He wonders how Jack was led to Adam. He explains he needed someone and Adam was available. Jack tells Victor he can give him a place to thrive after what happened to him at Newman.

Victor says hiring Adam is a mistake...for Jack! He claims Adam's not wanted at Jabot anymore than Diane. Jack says he has faith in Adam, just as he does in Kyle and Summer. Victor says he's done with Adam, but Jack doesn't believe him.

Abbott mansion: Summer's looking at Tessa's proofs while Kyle whines about Adam's presence at the shoot. Summer doesn't want to talk about Adam unless they have to. They kiss it out until Diane unexpectedly arrives.

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Diane's upset and accuses Phyllis (the hacker) of slipping a note on her hard drive that makes it look like she's taking money from a contractor. Diane claims Phyllis can take the note back and make it look like she's responsible. Diane tells them it's why she took the job at Marchetti in the first place. She allows Kyle and Summer to handle it. Diane thanks them for their support and heads upstairs to read a story to Harrison.

Chancellor mansion: Chance wants to go for a late night swim, but finds Abby asleep in the bed next to him. He tucks her in and writes a note before heading out. Abby has a dream about Chance being too busy for a date night. Abby feels insecure about Chance leaving her, then wakes up to find him missing.

Grand Phoenix: Chelsea's bored watching TV and phone surfing. She decides to head out.

Crimson Lights: Chance tells Sharon he's feeling a bit restless. Sharon realizes it's because he cleaned up Rey's caseload and needs something to do. Enter Chelsea. Sharon gets a call and heads out of the coffeehouse. Chelsea fills him in on her rollercoaster day while Chance misses Abby's call. Sharon catches Chance helping her with some deep breathing techniques.

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-Summer admits that Diane's story doesn't make sense to her. Summer tells Kyle it's possible that Diane created the file and is setting up Phyllis.

-Abby wonders where Chance went. Chance tells her he went to Crimson Lights and shows her the note she didn't see. Abby thinks they're out of sync, but Chance tells her she has nothing to worry about. They kiss it out.

-Nick tells Sally he's struggling with what he did to Ashland. Sally tells him to believe in himself. They agree to make a deal to keep fighting for what they want and shake on it.

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