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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Taylor, Ridge, And Brooke Continue to Question Their Future

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for September 13, 2022
Taylor Hayes, The Bold and the Beautiful

Krista Allen

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Beach House: Steffy and a towel-clad Finn are making out, and being all flirty and cute - just as Taylor walks in - yet again. He has to go to work, so mama’s timing is okay, and he leaves.

Steffy launches into the only conversation she knows about - her parents’ possible reunion. Taylor thanks her for her support, just as Finn re-enters the room…and then leaves for this thing called work. Once left alone they return, YET AGAIN, to the KISS in Monaco. Taylor thinks that loving Ridge and enjoying THE KISS is very different from having a future together. Steffy, as per usual, disagrees.

Forrester Creations: Ridge, Thomas, and Zende are looking at the garment Paris is modeling. Thomas thinks Ridge is a bit distracted. Thomas launches into the Douglas discussion as the possible reason for his dad’s distraction. They dismiss Zende and Paris so they can talk. Thomas thinks Ridge should come over to Eric’s and stay for a while. He reminds his son that he is actually married to Brooke. Thomas just want his dad (and, of course, Douglas’ granddad) around…(marriage be damned!).

Absolutely zero seconds pass before Thomas segues into saying how amazing Taylor is and how much she always brings everyone together…it’s her super power. Thomas thinks Ridge’s life with Brooke is about anxiety and drama.

Mansion de Logan: Brooke and Hope are enjoying a hot beverage ,discussing the only topic they seem to have - Douglas’ custody. Brooke is worried that Hope is taking her marriage to Ridge into too much consideration. This should be about Douglas. Hope doesn’t want conflict for anyone. Brooke launches into Taylor’s agenda (and yet another destructive KISS). Hope gets snarky and Brooke does everything she can to not blame Ridge for anything. They can handle anything.

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-Ridge is trying to draw whilst indulging flashback of his best times with Brooke. Just then, his flashbacks shift to very recent good times with Taylor. Steffy walks in and slows his roll by asking about Zende and his designs. He asks how she is - she’s awesome - but she is way more concerned with how long it will be before he reunites with Taylor.

-Hope reminds Brooke how she’s trying to save their marriage, while Taylor and Steffy are all about Logans vs. Forresters.

-Taylor is cleaning up the living room while she hears Steffy’s voice saying the life she wants is still possible. Just then, she flashes back to Monaco and that KISSSSSSSS. She sighs in frustration.

-Steffy (shockingly) doesn’t understand why Ridge won’t get back with Taylor. She reminds him about all the family members his wife has slept with. (Once again, not your lesson to teach Steffy!). She says Taylor loves him with “integrity” (I’m running out of snarky comments to make). She points out that life is short and love is the only thing that matters.

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