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Days of Our Lives Recap: Marlena, Kayla, And Kate Fall Victim to Orpheus’ Plot For Revenge

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 13, 2022
Dr. Marlena Evans, Days of Our Lives

Deidre Hall

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: 

Beginnings: John and Marlena are all cuddled up in bed when they awaken, still blissfully happy from their love fest. She is thrilled that everything is back to normal. John isn’t convinced, but Marlena doubles down.

Kayla calls to Steve and says they are still in trouble. She has received flowers and thinks they are from Orpheus.

Roman is berating Kate’s voicemail, but she’s behind him. He was freaked out when he woke up and she was gone, but she went to get a replacement birthday cake.

Bedroom Anxiety: Nicole awakens smiling and happy beside Eric, and is freaked out they slept together. Eric is being very aggressive and thinks Rafe wonders where she is. Nicole insists their tryst be a secret. Just then, Rafe arrives! He’s a cop and knows how to track folks (really?). He grabs Nicole and very dramatically asks how she could have betrayed him. Then, RAFE wakes up.

Rafe gathers himself, and Nicole wonders if he was having a nightmare. She won’t leave it alone, so Rafe tells her the truth in painful detail (be careful what you ask for Nicole).

Nicole asks Rafe about his conversation with Jada. She wondered if Nicole was freaked out they were dating. In her irritation, she admits to seeing Eric - which Rafe didn’t know.

What’s Your Passion? Jada wakes up to Eric looking at her. She didn’t plan this second escapade (why not?), but neither of them seem too distressed. Jada is a little upset since she broke her third date rule. She’s also a little freaked out he used to be a priest. Shockingly, Jada has never slept with a priest. Eric says he’s not judgmental (which is SO not true).

They talk about his job at Brady Pub and how much he likes working with his dad. Eric wants to do something that matters, but isn’t quite sure what that is.

Eric makes breakfast, but cooking isn’t his passion. He tells Jada he used to counsel folks at the Horton Center. Before he was a priest he used to be a fashion photographer. Eric adds that Nicole was also a model. He apologizes, but Jada wants to know about his past. The minute he reminisces about photography, his passion arrives.

A Mew Before The Storm: John says things are not back to normal because Orpheus is still out there. Marlena is sick of talking him. She gets up and is going to work. John tries to convince her to play hooky, but she needs to get back to normal. She promises to be careful. She goes downstairs, but they make out and Marlena mews before leaving.

Sneezing Sweetness: Steve picks up the yellow flowers and tells Kayla they are from him - to remind them of them. With that, Kayla sneezes. Steve’s worried, but she has no other symptoms. He just wants to make sure it’s okay to kiss her (is it?). Not now, Kayla has to go to work.

Kate’s Contagion: Roman didn’t want to make his birthday a big deal, but Kate insists. She lights a candle then Kate sneezes all over it...again. She doesn’t feel bad, but Kate admits she feels off. Kate agrees to go to the doctor. She insists on driving herself in case she is contagious. 

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Bitter Beaus: John sees Steve and they both grouse about their wives’ insistence to go to work. They are irritated their wives are so seemingly nonchalant about working while they are sick. They agree the best thing is to go rogue and search for Orpheus themselves.

They begin to review all of Orpheus’ connections, re-establishing how Evan took his child with Jan to reconnect with Zoey in New Zealand (not so much boys). John says Zoey was always different and basically a good kid (could Zoey be on the way back?).

Fainting Divas: Kayla is at the Nurses' Station when Marlena arrives. They talk about their over-protective husbands and hate how they feel like they’re looking over their shoulders. Just then, Kate arrives and says she needs a check-up. As they are going to an exam room, Kate faints.

Marlena calls Roman. Kate awakens and immediately sneezes. Kayla admits she’s been sneezing, as well…and then she faints.

Kate crawls out of bed and is at Kayla’s side when she awakens. She’s going to get to Marlena.

Roman arrives, and before Marlena can take him to see Kate, she faints.

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-Nicole goes to Eric to offer him a job at Basic Black as a photographer. Rafe wonders why she kept it a secret, but it just slipped her mind.

-Eric and Jada reconvene in the bedroom to look at his photographs. Jada wonders why Eric doesn’t go to Brady for a job since he owns Basic Black with Nicole. Eric thinks talking to Jack about working for The Spectator is a better idea.

-Marlena is in bed when John arrives. Kate checks on Roman. Marlena deduces it can’t be a coincidence that she and Kate both fainted. John lets her know Kayla did,as well.

-Kayla sits on Kate’s bed with Steve and Roman in tow. She deduces there were sudden health issues that need to be attributed to Orpheus. Although it's not contagious, they deduce the kidnapping was only a cover for the sickness they are now feeling.

-Rafe gets to the station just before Jada arrives. She tells him things seem to be going well with Eric. Rafe asks if he’s going to take that job (which Nicole told him she never offered)…which, of course, leads Jada to ask, “what job?” - Is Rafe being purposely messy?

-Eric wraps a towel over his hotness as he answers the knock at the door. Shocking no one, it’s Nicole.

-Steve, John, and Roman's phones ring and it’s FaceTime recording from Big O. He hears the women they love are under the weather - Sweetness, Doc, and Sneezy (HA!)

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