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Days of Our Lives Recap: Orpheus is Arrested After Delivering His Message of Doom

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 14, 2022
Days of Our Lives

George DelHoyo

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Salem Inn: Shirtless Xander brings a Continental champagne breakfast to Sarah to celebrate their newlywed status. Sarah can't believe they finally made it and runs down the list of women Xander was involved with while she was on the island. Xander has a flashback to Nicole and admits he had a one-night stand. 

Sarah tells Xander she needs to know who it is. She understands Xander thought she dumped him, but thought she knew everything that happened before they got married. Sarah gets upset when she finds out it was Nicole. Xander said they bumped into each other out of need, not like or dislike (that's a new one!).

Sarah wants the tea on how this led to Eric and Nicole's divorce. He finally admits he's the one who told Eric about their one-nighter. Sarah presses him and Xander reaches for the champagne bottle.

Xander explains how he crashed a party and made their one-off public knowledge. Xander tells her that Sami paid him a million dollars and he couldn't refuse it. Sarah's mad at Xander for taking money to destroy a couple and heads to the bathroom to change. Sarah comes out and tells Xander he can't defend himself after everything so many others did to keep them apart. She grabs her purse and storms out.

University Hospital: Steve, Roman, and John get a call from Orpheus to warn them that their ladies are going to get a lot sicker. Orpheus is feeling himself when he informs the men they won't get sick so they can watch their women die. He taunts them about a hidden message, knowing that Steve, Roman, and John are men of action.

Orpheus says they will have to use all their superpowers to save Kayla, Kate, and Marlena, but what they have is ultimately fatal. He says they will finally feel what he did when Rebecca was taken away from him. Orpheus offers his condolences on their losses and disconnects the call. The three couples meet in Kate's room to figure out their next move.

Salem PD: Jada reflects on a conversation with Eric and wonders why Nicole is lying to Rafe about a job offer Nicole made to him. Rafe returns and Jada covers by saying she confused the facts when she said Eric's offer was at Basic Black. 

Rafe and Jada read a forensics report. Rafe realizes there's a specific kind of ink dozens of printers use and they decide to start there. They find a place called Rebecca Printing and head out to see if Orpheus was there.

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Brady Pub: A freshly showered and towel-wrapped Eric is surprised by Nicole's pop in to talk. Unfortunately, Eric wants to get dressed and meet her downstairs. Nicole talks to Eric about Chloe's problems with Kristen at work and brings up the previous job offer she made to him at Basic Black. Eric tells her she didn't make him an offer when he saw her last. Nicole glosses over that fact and makes it official. Eric admits he's concerned about how Rafe will feel about them working together.

Sarah comes in and sits at Eric and Nicole's table. She tells them she needs to apologize. She explains how she just found out what Xander did at their anniversary party. Nicole assures Sarah their breakup wasn't Xander's fault, but hers because she slept with him. Eric takes his share of the blame as spending the first year of their marriage in Africa. They consider Xander a symptom and a messenger, nothing more.

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-Kayla thinks they should move forward thinking Orpheus lied about a cure. She tells Steve, Roman, and John to look at this as just another ISA case. Marlena agrees.

-Rafe and Jada arrive at the print shop. They bust in on Orpheus and arrest him. Orpheus questions why he's being arrested for attempted murder when it implies he didn't finish the job he started. 

-Sarah returns and tells Xander she's packing up and leaving.

-Eric tells Nicole he'll take the job at Basic Black and they linger over a handshake.

-Kayla talks with Steve and gets woozy. She's determined to keep going and says she can rest when she's dead.

-Marlena's in her room feeling very tired. She falls asleep and John prays for help from above.

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