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Perkie's Observations: Brando is Attacked With a Hook Outside of Charlie's on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 14, 2022
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General Hospital

Johnny Wactor

On today’s General Hospital recap: The Hook-er attacks Brando. (Though I don't know why he didn't immediately turn around and head back into Charlie's instead of towards the person.) Kristina finds him and screams for help, and Sonny runs out. Kristina calls 911 while Sonny holds pressure to the wound, and Sasha and Gladys get hysterical.

Sonny asks for details. Kristina explains how she come through the alley and saw someone with a hook attack Brando. (Lexi needs to give lessons in crying because holy moly she's fantastic at it.) Sonny reassures Kristina that Brando will make it.

Dante updates Jordan on Ava's case. Jordan mentions how the forensics report indicated that Ava wasn't stabbed, but speared. Jordan tells Dante to go back over everyone's alibis and narrow down the timeline.

Jordan gets the call about Brando's attack and the two head over to Charlie's. Sonny and Kristina have already given their statement to the officer. Jordan doesn't understand why Brando was attacked and tells Dante they need to find who did this before they attack again.

Carly's flight gets grounded in Jacksonville, Florida due to a storm. Carly sits and yammers away to a woman while waiting in the airport. She realizes she left her phone onboard and demands to be allowed back on to get it. When the attendant tells her he'll have to check lost and found, Carly goes on another rant of annoyance. Carly's flight is officially cancelled.

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Drew's thrilled to see Scout and promises to take her to her first day of school. Sam mentions overhearing Drew leave a voicemail message for Carly. He brings up Dante's move-in and is happy for her. Sam believes there is a spark between Drew and Carly. Sam swears there is no issue for her seeing the two of them together. Drew gets frustrated when he can't get through to Carly.

Portia doesn't understand why Curtis is assuming that Jordan deliberately got rid of the divorce papers. TJ interrupts and Curtis asks how his mom is doing. TJ wonders what's going on and why Curtis is asking now. Curtis says he's just concerned about Jordan moving on.

Ava brings up Nikolas' alibi and how he lied. She wants to know if he was the one responsible for her attack. Nikolas says he was protecting Liz because she had a blackout and has no memory, but Ava is certain Liz didn't attack her. She accuses him of concocting an alibi, which is likely to save his own skin.

Nikolas swears he would never kill the woman he loves, but Ava asks how it's different than what happened with Hayden. Nikolas says he never loved Hayden and if he wanted Ava dead, he'd do it with his bare hands. Ava admits she still wants him, but can't get over that he slept with Esme.

Nikolas admits he's a cad, but it's what makes them so good together. Ava says it almost makes her trust him. Sonny shows up and is unhappy to see Nikolas in Ava's room. Nikolas says he didn't try to kill Ava and Sonny says he knows.

Brando is brought to the hospital where TJ and Portia work on him. Sasha and Gladys hold vigil while Brando is taken into surgery. 

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