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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Takes The Hit For Stella’s Misstep on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 13, 2022
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General Hospital

Tanisha Harper

On today’s General Hospital recap: Curtis can't believe that he and Jordan are still married, and wants to know if she knows anything about it. Curtis thinks a clerk messed up and doesn't want to let it go, causing concern for Stella. Jordan takes the blame claiming she lost track of the envelope, and Curtis wants to look for it. Jordan says the envelope is long gone and apologizes for complicating things. Curtis says he'll refile the papers and Jordan promises to sign them as soon as he has them.

After Curtis leaves, Stella wonders why Jordan threw herself on the sword for her. Jordan says she's not excusing what Stella, did but didn't want Curtis angry with her. Jordan's grateful to have Stella in her life and the DNA website is mentioned. Stella gives her the details, telling Jordan to try it and see what she finds. Jordan calls the DNA company looking for the original match to Stella.

Drew wants to apologize to Marshall for setting him up on the fake job interview. Marshall says he understands Drew was being a good friend to Curtis.

Carly talks to Josslyn about a conference in Aruba, and how Josslyn will be helping out with the girls while Carly is away. Carly is really anxious for this seminar as she wants to get her life back on track. Carly runs into Sonny on her way out and he wishes her good luck. Carly's flight encounters turbulence.

Josslyn apologizes to Dex for pre-judging him and thanks him for his help with Ava. Josslyn says she still thinks he's an idiot for working for Sonny, since he wrecks people. She doesn't want Dex hurt and he says he appreciates her advice. Josslyn says she didn't tell anyone about his help with the dumpster and asks for his discretion.

Finn wonders why Liz has decided now to talk to the police. Liz admits she wonders why Nikolas came to her defense so quickly, then thinks maybe it was to protect himself. Liz doesn't believe Nikolas would try to kill Ava. Finn points out how others at the party might have told the police their stories, which could contradict Liz - who worries that both she and Nikolas will become suspects if she comes forward. Finn reminds her that Ava's attacker is still on the loose.

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Nikolas and Sonny run into each other, and Sonny warns him to stay away from Ava's room. Sonny says nothing can help Nikolas if Sonny finds out he had anything to do with hurting Ava.

A court official discusses Sasha's options, telling her that Brando will have power of attorney in exchange for no jail time. Sasha has to agree to guardianship and outpatient therapy. Brando reminds her that she has the final say and will back her if she doesn't want to agree to it. Sasha says it's not easy to sign her life over, but Brando promises they'll take things slowly and change things if needed. Sasha signs the papers.

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Portia checks in on Ava, who spots the ring, and offers her congratulations. Portia mentions Ava and Nikolas' estrangement, and Ava admits she wonders if Nikolas was the one who stabbed her. Ava says Nikolas claims to have an alibi and wonders if Liz would lie to the cops. Portia doesn't believe Liz would lie, but Ava thinks Liz could be manipulated by Nikolas.

Nikolas shows up at Ava's door and throws his weight around. He tells Frank he can't stop him from seeing Ava. Portia storms out and tells Nikolas that Ava doesn't want to see him. She warns him she'll call hospital security. Nikolas threatens her back as Curtis arrives and throws his weight into it. Curtis says the police are on their way, so Nikolas storms off.

Curtis tells Portia about the lost divorce papers and how he's been married to Jordan this whole time. He says his lawyer is expediting new papers, but doesn't believe Jordan's story. Curtis thinks Jordan deliberately made sure the papers weren't filed.

Brando tells Sonny that Sasha won't have to serve prison time and she's agreed to a guardianship. Sonny says he's doing right by Sasha.

Sonny runs into Sasha and asks about her feelings regarding the guardianship. She says she trusts Brando, but feels like an intruder in her own life. Sonny understands, and tells Sasha to be strong and believe in herself. He says Sasha is family and to come to him if she ever needs anything.

Liz tells Ava that she can't guarantee Nikolas was with her when she was attacked. Ava asks if Liz lied to the police, but Liz says they were together, just not the entire time. She says Nikolas' whereabouts can't fully be accounted for and asks for time to remember all the facts.

Ava has Frank deliver Nikolas to her for a chat.

Dex leaves his sunglasses on the table. Josslyn grabs them and follows him out to the back of Charlie’s. Brando follows where someone with a hook is waiting. 

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