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The Young and the Restless Recap: Devon and Nate's Fight Leads to a Walkout

The Young and the Restless Recap for September 14, 2022
Devon Hamilton, The Young and the Restless

Bryton James

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Newman Media: A friendly handshake between Nick and Sally turns into a steamy kiss. The duo use the same office couch that Sally used with Adam just a short time ago. Speaking of Adam, he's hovering outside the office door, undecided about his next move. He decides to try the door and it's locked. He calls out for her, but she and Nick remain quiet. Adam leaves and they continue having sex. 

Crimson Lights: Lily and Victoria commiserate about being busy female CEOs. Victoria congratulates Lily on her acquisition of The Grand Phoenix. She apologizes for the strain in their relationship in the past. Lily tells Victoria that Billy's podcast career has come to an end after some soul-searching.

Chancellor-Winters: Devon and Nate have a terse exchange, and Nate's not in the mood to chitchat. Devon pushes to do it now and Nate relents. Devon wants to end their back and forth, and Nate agrees to be blunt. He wants to know what Devon's problem is since he turns down every proposal he makes.

Devon thinks he's exaggerating because he's not living up to the promises he makes. Devon gets heated and says he listens to Nate, but in business, agreement isn't a given. Nate brings up the music festival and wants to know why Devon shot it down. Devon says they all have a part to play and Nate just runs in his own direction, something he claims that Jill also sees.

Devon thinks Nate sees things in a singular focus. He says Nate has a God-complex from being a surgeon (oh no he didn't!). Nate tells Devon if he really wants to hit him, then go for it, but he won't hold back. Devon remarks he's still upset about a punch, but Nate calls it a sucker punch.

The two move in on each other and Billy breaks them up. Devon accuses Nate of wanting to fight him in the office. Nate says he has a meaningless title with zero power to do anything. Nate tells Devon he's done with him and this place, and quits.

Billy tries to mediate when Lily appears. Billy lets Lily handle the family dynamic and heads out. Lily declares they will stay until they find common ground. Nate wants respect and Devon's tired of trying. Lily wants a united front because they can do great things together. Nate's not in the mood and walks out.

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Society: Jack doesn't believe Victor will walk away from Adam. Victor says he doesn't understand, but had good intentions. Victor offers his better-late-than-never condolences to Jack on losing Keemo. The two talk about Allie and Noah's budding romance.

Adam appears, and catches Jack and Victor having a warm moment. The moment turns cold when Victor tells Adam exactly what they were talking about. Victor says he's done with Adam and is making a big mistake, then leaves. Jack tells Adam that Victor's really in pain and claims Adam is too. Jack leaves and Adam orders a drink.

Nick and Sally arrive to have a post-sex "work" dinner. Sally lies and says she was in Nick's office when Adam came by. Adam says he hasn't eaten and asks to join them. Their conversation is limited to business and is very awkward for all three of them.

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-A sullen Victor stares at his chessboard, then heads to the boxing club. He beats the tar out of the bag until he exhausts himself. Victor sits down and takes a deep breath.

-Lily tells Devon she's on board with a public offering. She hope Devon can be convinced to do the right thing.

-Nate goes to Society and Imani turns up. Nate explains what happened between him and Devon. He tells Imani he walked away from the company.

-Nick and Sally are at the door to her suite and the two say good night to one another. After Nick leaves, Adam appears in the hallway with his wheels spinning.

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