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Days of Our Lives Recap: Kristen Pulls Out All The Stops to Discredit Brady and Chloe

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 15, 2022
Kristen DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Stacy Haiduk

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Outside the Brady Pub: Li wants to talk to Kristen about Stefan. Kristen tells him she's heading to court and needs Stefan to distract Chloe during her testimony. Kristen is surprised to learn Stefan's first stop was the crypt, but Li tells her that Stefan rejected Gabi in his search for Chloe.

Courtroom: Brady worries to Chloe that Kristen may end up with custody of Rachel. Chloe assures him a judge would never do that given her history. Belle arrives, and the judge isn't happy that Kristen and her lawyer are late. Belle asks her to dismiss the case.

Kristen arrives just under the allotted time extension and declares she's representing herself, much to the surprise of Belle, Brady, and Chloe. Kristen says Brady and Chloe are having a relationship, and the problem is that Rachel hates her. The judge lets Kristen ask Chloe some questions. 

Chloe denies she's stealing Rachel from Kristen. Kristen brings up how she stole Nicole's baby after giving birth to her. Belle asks about their relationship now, and Chloe says she and Nicole are best friends.

During a recess, Belle admits it's going worse for them than expected. Brady's concerned because they can't use Kristen's past against her. Belle advises Chloe to leave so she won't be Kristen's focus. After Chloe leaves, Kristen warns Belle and Brady that she's just getting started.

DiMera crypt: Alone, Gabi vows not to let Stefan go again.

Salem Inn: Ava returns to her room and is surprised by a towel-clad Johnny. She wants him to get dressed and leave. EJ's at the door and wants Johnny to leave with him. Johnny doesn't want to go, so Ava sidles up to Johnny to give EJ the illusion of impending afternoon delight. EJ says he won't try to help Johnny again and leaves.

Ava says EJ deserves to be driven insane by their alleged tryst, but now that he's gone, Johnny can also leave. Johnny tries to stay to avoid his father, but Ava doesn't think it's a great idea for him to stick around. They agree to part ways for awhile.

Allie's: Allie and Chanel are cranking out cookies at home since the Sweet Bits oven is kaput. Chanel tells her that her brother is sleeping with Tripp's mother. Allie doesn't want to latch onto that fact without proof.

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Allie says she's not bothered, but wonders why Chanel so clearly is. Chanel claims she think it's gross, but Allie's not buying it and thinks it's about Johnny. Chanel wants Allie to take a more proactive approach in helping her brother rather than letting him fend for himself.

DiMera mansion: Gabi tells EJ about Stefan and asks where he is. EJ thinks she's nuts, but Gabi tells him that Li also saw him. Gabi explains that Stefan "got Rolfed" like he did. She knows it's Stefan because of his scar. Gabi points EJ in the direction of Kristen.

DiMera Enterprises: Li walks into Gabi's office and finds Stefan in her chair. Stefan wanted to be where he felt control and tells Li he doesn't want to see Gabi. Stefan assures Li that he won't interfere in his relationship with Gabi. Li tells Stefan he can find Chloe at the Salem Inn.

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-Chanel returns to the apartment. A knock on the door reveal's Johnny.

-Allie tells Ava that Johnny is hurting and admits a lot of it was caused by her. Allie doesn't want Ava to hurt Johnny any further. Ava questions why Allie thinks she would.

-EJ talks to Stefano about Stefan's resurrection and what it means for DiMera shares. He thinks he can get rid of Gabi instead of Ava.

-Gabi comes to her office. She questions how Li missed seeing Stefan after Ava fainted from seeing Jake.

-Stefan visits Chloe, who can't believe her eyes.

-Belle tells the judge that Brady is a fit father and Rachel's happy. Kristen wants to ask Brady why he thinks their daughter should be raised by a murderer.

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