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Perkie’s Observations: Carly and Peyton Take a Pearl-Clutching Trip Down Memory Lane on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 15, 2022
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today’s General Hospital recap: Sonny says he knows Nikolas can't be in two places at the same time and tells them there was another attack. Sonny updates them on the case and says Brando's in surgery, and Kristina saw the man with the hook.

Kristina and Gladys reassure Sasha that Brando is in good hands. Nina shows up and offers her own reassurances to Sasha. TJ comes out with an update. The hook shattered a piece of Brando's rib, which punctured his lung. Surgeons have to make sure to remove all the shards.

Michael checks with Dex on what's happening with Sonny. He doesn't understand why Sonny doesn't trust Dex yet, especially after saving Ava's life. Dex mentions Josslyn was there and sings her praises for helping Ava. Michael warns him not to be around Josslyn again

Michael questions whether Dex is the right man for the job. He assures Michael he knows his goal is to tear down Sonny's organization from the inside. Michael reminds him not to get sucked into Sonny's world. Dex promises he can still do the job and says he's not going soft.

Trina tells Rory that Spencer knew the truth about her all along and has feelings for her. Rory wonders if that changes anything between them, but Trina says her feelings haven't changed. Trina says Spencer still hurt and lied to her because he couldn't trust her enough to tell the truth.

Trina tells Josslyn about Spencer, and claims she has no feelings for him. She says she's getting on with her life without him. The dumpster diving comes up and Trina says Josslyn shouldn't have gone in alone. Josslyn admits Dex was with her, but claims it was no big deal. Trina's upset at Josslyn's lie.

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Drew continues to worry when he can't reach Carly. Willow shows up complaining of being tired. Drew makes a comment about her situation, which makes her think he knows the truth. Willow backtracks when it's obvious Drew is clueless about her illness. Michael tells Willow about Brando, and they head to the hospital. Drew promises to call Carly and tell her.

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Carly runs into a woman who joins her for a drink. Peyton waxes poetic about Jacksonville and the wonderful things happening in town. Peyton spots a man she knows with a much younger woman and the pearl clutching begins.

Peyton mentions the sex trade bringing down property values and how they finally tore down Ruby Anderson's house of ill repute. Carly mentions Ruby was her aunt and then recognizes her as Reese's mother. Peyton goes off on her for Reese's death and Carly's seduction of her first husband.

Nikolas and Ava discuss their marital issues and his stupidity with Esme. Nikolas says he believes she didn't push Esme over the parapet and protected her because he loves her. He pleads his case, but Ava doesn't trust him anymore.

Sonny talks to Kristina and tells her that he's keeping Ava's guard in place for now. Jordan shows up with questions for Kristina. Kristina goes over her statement with Jordan until Sonny puts a stop to it. Sonny asks Jordan if Kristina is in danger, but Jordan believes both attacks were crimes of opportunity.

Jordan questions Sasha and Gladys on why Brando would leave via the alley, but the two have no idea. Jordan asks who else was in Charlie's at the time, and Gladys mentions Dex and Josslyn being there. Gladys says Josslyn left before Brando was attacked, which piques Sonny's interest. Rory is sent to find Josslyn.

Rory questions Josslyn, who explains about going out the back door to give Dex his sunglasses. She is certain she didn't see anyone else in the alley.

Sonny talks with Dex about Josslyn and asks him to discreetly keep an eye on her.

TJ returns to let them know there's been a complication. They have suspended the surgery until they can stabilize Brando's blood pressure.