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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Ridge Walks in on Brooke and Bill Embracing Their Past

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for September 15, 2022
Brooke Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful

Katherine Kelly Lang

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Mama Drama: Hope refuses to let Steffy bash Brooke. Steffy says she’s just telling the truth. Thomas thinks they are both being way harsh, dude. Steffy goes on to say no matter how devoted and loyal Ridge is, Brooke always falls for another man (delusional, party of one, your table is ready). Thomas reluctantly agrees with Steffy saying he has more peace when he is with Taylor. Steffy thinks Ridge is finally ready to ditch Brooke and reconnect with Taylor. Hope thinks Ridge’s marriage to Brooke would be fine if Steffy would step back.

Thomas goes to a meeting and Hope asks if they scared him off. She doesn’t want to argue anymore. Steffy thinks they co-parent properly, but get into trouble when they delve into their parents’ lives. That being said, Steffy won’t back down. Hope reminds Steffy that what they think doesn’t matter. Steffy reiterates that Brooke will never be able to stay committed to any man (wash, rinse, repeat…).

Trying to Love Two Women: Taylor asks Ridge if he’s ready to leave Brooke and reunite with their family. Ridge is there to talk about the future and feelings. He says he loves her and always will, but isn’t quite sure what he wants to do (Ridge is OG Liam). Taylor womansplains to him that he’s in a pickle because he loves two women. She doesn’t really understand why he keeps going back to Brooke and asks if he is happy (this banter is very cute). She also thinks that Brooke is playing gatekeeper to Douglas and he can’t be happy about that (all this over Ridge…Where’s Deacon?). They hug and he leaves.

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What Might Have Been: Bill arrives at Brooke’s door and wonders if grumpy is here. She’s alone and invites him in (surely, this won’t end badly, right?). Bill is there to talk about Katie. She’s resisting his advances so something must be wrong with her. Brooke hasn’t had any luck figuring out her sister’s feelings either. He thinks Brooke is the one person who might understand what he’s going through. (Side Note: Where is Li?)

Brooke thinks Bill is making progress dealing with his emotions - which makes him terribly uncomfortable, although he sort of agrees. He goes on to say that he’s more comfortable talking about these things with Brooke because she accepts him for who he is. Does she ever wonder what would have happened if they stayed together? She would like to think they would have stayed happy. They discuss how special their time together was and they’ll always have their memories. 

As much as Brooke feels for him, she needs him to go before Ridge comes back. He thanks her for listening and hugs her...just as Ridge walks in (flashing back to Taylor’s words…).

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