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WATCH: Celebrity Jeopardy! Introduces Triple Jeopardy Format (VIDEO)

Celebrity Jeopardy! is introducing a new twist to the format. In a new, behind-the-scenes clip, Jeopardy! EP Michael Davies and producer Sarah Foss announced that the upcoming series of the celeb-filled competition will feature Triple Jeopardy.

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Foss dished:

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For the first time ever, dollar amounts are tripled. And there are three daily doubles hidden on the board.

Davies revealed that Celebrity Jeopardy! is bringing in Triple Jeopard for its hour-long format. He added:

It’s the first time it’s been done in the United States. It’s not the first time it’s been done anywhere in the world. One of the foreign formats... You know, I get these reports; Jeopardy! isn't in many countries around the world. It's in a few. But in one of the foreign countries, they had tried Triple Jeopardy before. And that got me thinking. And we experimented with the dollar values, and it seems to work pretty well.

Watch the announcement below.

Celebrity Jeopardy! premieres September 25 at 8 PM EST on ABC.