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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Accuses Sonny of Stonewalling Her Investigation on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 16, 2022
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General Hospital

Tanisha Harper

On today’s General Hospital recap: Portia informs the family that Brando made it through surgery and repair the damage. She promises they're keeping a close eye on him, since sepsis could be an issue in a surgery like this.

Dex checks in with Sonny to report he kept watch on Josslyn in her dorm room all night. Nina stops over for support. Sonny finds Portia and asks for the truth about Brando's chances of pulling through. He wonders if he should be preparing Gladys and Sasha for the worst. Portia admits these types of wounds can have complications, but she's cautiously optimistic.

Jordan runs into Curtis and asks about the tension between Curtis and Sonny at The Savoy, but Curtis claims it was nothing. Jordan points out that Ava and Brando have close ties to Sonny, and were attacked.

Jordan doesn't understand Curtis' annoyance with her and he brings up the divorce papers. Jordan says they caught the mistake before his wedding, but he's still upset. Jordan reminds him that she was very sick at the time and things got messed up. Curtis asks her thoughts on his marriage and Jordan says she wants him to be happy. Jordan makes a few cryptic remarks about Portia's honesty and Curtis thinks she wants his marriage to fail.

Curtis complains to Portia about Jordan, and how he believes she's neglecting her personal life. Portia points out that Jordan has been busy and doesn't have time to date. Curtis continues to push, so Portia wonders if it changes things for him if Jordan is still interested. (Divorce papers are the new NINE months, which was the new Pennsylvania side of the river.) Curtis admits he'll always care for Jordan, but it's in the past and Portia is his future. Curtis says Jordan kept secrets and he can't be with someone who isn't truthful.

Brad and Britt hang out by the pool until Selina interrupts, claiming she's happy with their friendship. Brad makes a comment about a high roller and Selina chastises him in their language not to speak about the business in front of Britt. Britt asks Brad about his job and he claims things are working out with his aunt. Brad asks about Cody and is surprised when Britt tells him that Cody is thinking of leaving town. Brad wants her to ignore any doubts about Cody and go for it.

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Dante questions Cody on his whereabouts when Brando was attacked and Cody says he doesn't have an alibi. Brook Lynn shows up with Leo, who wants to hang out with Cody and the horses. She is impressed with Cody and how nice he is with Leo, and hopes he plans on sticking around.

Jordan wants to ask Gladys and Sasha more questions. Sonny says they've had a rough night and she'll have to ask him what she needs. Jordan asks about Brando, but Sonny says he didn't have an enemy. Jordan asks about Cyrus and any possible link to Sonny's business. Sonny says neither Ava nor Brando work for him.

Jordan accuses Sonny of stonewalling her because he's the connection between the two victims. Sonny thinks it's a coincidence, but Jordan doesn't. Jordan says she's heard things aren't going well with the business and wants his cooperation. Sonny asks if she has any evidence to suggest that his family is under attack, but Jordan disagrees.

Dex checks in on Kristina, who tells him that she saw the hooker, but didn't get a good look. She says she's still rattled. Dex commiserates and tells her how to get through it. Dante interrupts and seems a little annoyed about Dex and his work for Sonny.

Dante tells Kristina about Dex being up in Michael's face weeks ago, but Dex says he misunderstood the family dynamic. Since then, he and Sonny worked through it. Dante mentions how coincidental it was that Dex was present after Ava was stabbed and in the alley right after Brando was stabbed. Kristina steps in and drags Dex away.

Gladys sits with Brando, while Nina stays with Sasha to reassure her. Sasha takes her turn at his bedside and Nina comforts Gladys. Sasha begs Brando to fight for her because how she can't lose him too. Brando grabs her hand and opens his eyes. 

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