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Days of Our Lives Recap: Maggie Forces Sarah to Face The Realities of Marrying Xander

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 19, 2022
Maggie Horton, Days of Our Lives

Suzanne Rogers

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Outside the Pub: Clyde is talking to someone and doesn't want Nancy to find Nancy overhears. Clyde tells her she was talking to Ben and invites her into the pub. Nancy is cautious and tells Clyde she's just worried about Chloe with Leo on the loose.

Nancy confronts Clyde about his sneaky phone call, but he denies any wrongdoing. She accuses him of lying and breaks off their relationship. Clyde is forced to reveal he has a ring and proposes to her. Nancy gets emotional and agrees to marry him.

Horton's: Xander stops over to see Jack. He admits his new marriage isn't going well. Xander explains what happened and asks for help with fixing his latest mess. Jack says there may not be anything he can do.

Xander asks about Abigail's investigation. Jack says nothing's changed and Leo's the prime suspect in Sonny's stabbing as well. Xander's unsure Leo is the one, but Jack is only looking at the facts.

Kirakis mansion: Sarah surprises Maggie by telling that her marriage is over. Maggie says she knows about Xander's public display, but says she thought Sarah knew. Maggie doesn't think it's a dealbreaker based on what Xander was going through at the time.

Maggie reminds Sarah that Gwen is waiting to scoop up Xander if she walks away. Sarah doesn't think Xander will turn back to Gwen. Maggie tells Sarah that Gwen will use every trick in the book to get him back and thinks she may be manipulating him as they speak.

Maggie tells Sarah that Xander was in a lot of pain when he thought she walked away from him. Maggie reminds her daughter that Xander has a twisted moral compass and knew what she was getting into...just like she did with Victor. When offered a choice to stay or go, Sarah opts to return to Xander.

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Random motel room: Gwen is trying to forget Xander when Leo bangs on the door. He tells Gwen that she needs to hide him. Gwen thinks Leo betrayed her and is ready to call the police. Leo says he's completely alone and has nowhere else to turn. She gives him 10 minutes to unravel who framed him. They debate about Nancy and Darius, but end up dismissing those theories for various reasons.

University Hospital: Chad and Will are talking about Leo's stunt. Sonny has a gut feeling that Leo's really innocent. He claims that Leo could have killed him when he visited, but didn't make any attempt. Chad counters that he found Leo over Sonny's bloody body. Will and Chad aren't convinced, but Sonny stands by his claim.

Chad offers to help Sonny walk through what happened to regain his memory. Sonny suddenly remembers whoever was in his office smelled like vanilla.

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-Chad visits Jack. He tells him that Sonny doesn't believe Leo's guilty.

-Xander is composing a text to Sarah when she returns to the Salem Inn. Sarah admits she overreacted to Xander's news. The two share a happy reunion.

-Clyde and Nancy are giddy with excitement when the pub door opens. Nancy says, "oh my God."

-Leo is having a sober epiphany. He now knows who hates him enough to set him up for two stabbings.

-Nancy is surprised to see Craig in Salem.

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