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Perkie's Observations: Liz Turns to Kevin For Help With Unlocking Her Memories on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for September 19, 2022
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

On today’s General Hospital recap: Portia questions whether Jordan and Curtis would still be together if Jordan hadn't lied, but Curtis disagrees. Curtis says the secrets that Jordan kept from him were personal and she should have shared them with her. Portia realizes if Jordan had been honest, she and Curtis wouldn't have separated. Curtis says any information that affects both parties should be shared. He regrets how things ended with Jordan, but loves Portia.

Jordan wants to clear the air with Curtis and tells him she wants to continue being friendly together. Curtis asks if forgetting about the divorce papers was an accident or if she got rid of them on purpose.

Sasha's thrilled that Brando has opened his eyes for her. Finn is called in for a consult. Portia checks out Brando and mentions the possibility of sepsis. His blood pressure is high, but otherwise he's in good condition.

Sonny wants information on the investigation, but Jordan isn't forthcoming. He thinks sharing info is the only way to stop the hook-er. (Yes, I'm twelve!!) Sonny says his family members were attacked and he won't be kept in the dark. Jordan disagrees and tells him not to let anyone know they were attacked by a hook. Finn overhears as he's leaving Brando's room.

At the pool, someone watches Josslyn and Trina from afar. When Dex shows up, Josslyn gives him the sunglasses. She mentions not seeing him when she left Charlie's and says the police will want to ask if he saw anything. He says he didn't and has already spoken with Dante.

Josslyn notices the stranger watching them and brings it to Trina's attention as well. The girls confront the man, but Dex steps in. Trina reminds Josslyn they can't make a scene, so the girls back off. Dex drags the man away and chastises him for letting Josslyn see him watching her. Dex says he'll take over keeping an eye on Josslyn. Dex calls Sonny to let him know what happened and promises to keep watch until he can find a replacement.

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Alexis and Gregory run into each other. They discuss Brando's attack and her concern over Kristina's involvement. Gregory tells her that PCU is sponsoring a panel about journalistic ethics and asks if she'll go with him.

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Finn finds Alexis and his father, and mentions to them the weapon used was a hook. Alexis is surprised that Kristina didn't mention it and agrees that it means the same assailant is behind both attacks. She says whoever it is will likely do it again.

Liz has a meeting with Kevin and tells him that her problems have gotten worse. Liz tells him about blacking out at the picnic and how she can't account for some of her time. She mentions a memory about her father and describes it to Kevin. She doesn't know where the memory came from, but realizes she buried it for a long time. Liz wonders why it's coming back to her now and how worse are the memories she's forgotten.

Kevin suggests hypnosis to unlock the entire memory. Liz says she needs to know and agrees to do this today. Under hypnosis, Liz remembers being at the top of the stairs with the woman, then the memory changes to the woman at the bottom of the stairs with Liz standing over her.

Jordan asks Brando if he knows who did this to him. Brando goes through the events, but says he didn't see the person's face. The only thing he remembers is a jingly sound, like bracelets clinking against each other.

Nina checks in on Sasha, who's better now that Brando is awake. She says she wouldn't be able to survive losing him like she lost her son. Sasha promises to be better for Brando and Nina offers to be there for her,

Sonny asks Brando what he remembers and why he was following Dex. Brando explains that Josslyn followed behind Dex and wanted to make sure she was okay. Sonny tells Nina he has to beef up security, including her. Nina understands and accepts it.

Sasha and Brando sit and make plans for their future. Suddenly, he starts coughing up blood and has a seizure. 

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