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Karamo Brown Explains Vetting Participants and Going Through Willing Guests' Phones

On September 19, Karamo Brown will kick off his talk show Karamo. But though his chatfest will center on resolving conflict, don't expect wild antics from guests. Brown explained what fans can expect to Entertainment Weekly.

During the first day of filming Karamo in August, guests Auggie and C.B. articulated the fractures in their relationship. They began screaming over one another, but Brown cut through the noise by declaring firmly they should break up. A few weeks later, Brown shared what he learned from that experience. He said:

I had to have a direct conversation with my producers and said that we would never have somebody like that. Arguing and screaming is not my jam, and that's not healthy communication.

As it stands, Brown will vet guests before they go on the stage and reserves the right to nix them if he feels they aren't genuine about why they're appearing on Karamo. Brown made clear that he wants to give guests the skills they need to appropriately deal with conflict. This includes talking in a real and raw fashion. And though the Queer Eye star cited pioneers who paved the way for him, he isn't here for certain tactics, such as using lie detectors on air. 

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Instead, guests who are willing can give their smart phones to producers to comb through. Why? He explained:

I do that because we live in a digital age where people are like, 'I don't know this person,' and our phones do know us because we do everything on it. If you give me permission, I'm going to find the information you need so that you can grow and get to the next place.

As a Black and gay man, Brown is going into the show with intent to treat the LGBTQ+ and Black communities with respect. He expressed his desire not to sensationalize gay stories and said of the experience of Black Americans:

I acknowledge that trauma because I lived in that trauma, and I'm going to make sure that it is not exploited.

Karamo premieres September 19. Find out where to watch it here.