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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Nikki Has Demands For Deacon

Deacon Sharpe, Nikki Newman, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful

Melody Thomas Scott and Sean Kanan

Victoria: The Newman heiress (Amelia Heinle) must make a hard choice.

Phyllis: Red (Michelle Stafford) continues to search for answers regarding Diane's (Susan Walters) time outside of Genoa City.

Adam/Chelsea: The two (Mark Grossman and Melissa Claire Egan) butt heads.

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Deacon/Nikki: The socialite (Melody Thomas Scott) hits Los Angeles on her quest to have a showdown with Mr. Sharpe over setting her up for Diane's bogus death. Nikki tells Deacon (Sean Kanan) off for what he did: helping Diane fake her death and framing Nikki for the act.

Deacon is genuinely happy to see Nikki, but Mrs. Newman doesn't care and isn't in a forgiving mood. Deacon once again attempts to win Nikki over, but it falls flat. Nikki demands that Deacon give her the info on Diane, or he'll have hell to pay.

A stranger hits Genoa City.

Nick/Sally/Adam: Things continue to heat up between the Newman playboy (Joshua Morrow) and the scheming redhead (Courtney Hope). The two are ordering food after their sexcapade when Adam shows up. The two are stunned he's there and claim to be having a business meeting, but Adam starts to put the pieces together. Adam wants to speak to Sally privately, but Nick balks at the idea. Sally assures him she's fine talking to Adam alone and will see him back at Newman Enterprises. When Nick leaves, Adam questions if Sally is sleeping with his brother. 

Sally tells Adam he doesn't get to know what she's doing in her private life anymore. Adam continues to fish for information and tells Sally he must know since he loves her so much, and she knows he does. Sally sticks to her guns and tells Adam he isn't privy to what she does, and she was all about her job at Newman and can't get over how he treated her. Sally tells Adam to move on because she is doing so. Later, Adam heads to Crimson Lights and sees Nick, where the two spar over Sally. Adam questions if Victor (Eric Braeden) knows Nick and Sally are having an affair, with Nick firing back and ripping into Adam for how he's treated the women in his life.