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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gwen's Betrayal Leads to Leo's Arrest

Days of Our Lives Recap for September 20, 2022
Gwen Rizczech, Days of Our Lives

Emily O'Brien

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

DiMera mansion: EJ and Stefan are bonding over dinner, wine, and business. EJ says he wants Stefan's help in taking Gabi down. EJ wonders why Stefan is hesitant, but reminds him that her shares are really his.

Chad walks in and is not thrilled to see his brother based on what he did to Abigail. Chad and EJ fill him in on Abigail's status. Stefan offers his sincere condolences and asks if the killer was caught. Chad brings up Leo's name and EJ questions if Leo really is a killer. Chad remarks that Sonny only remembers the scent of vanilla, but can't ID his attacker. When Chad leaves, the talk returns to the shares.

Horton's: Jack brings Jennifer an ice cream sundae tray, but she declines it because it was one of Abigail's favorite family traditions. Jack suggests next time they include Thomas and Charlotte so they can share their collective memories. Jennifer decides to dig in. They chitchat about Abigail and their romantic past.

Random motel room: Leo declares the real killer is Craig and outlines why. Gwen doesn't think he's capable of killing Abigail. After throwing some theories around, they land back on Craig.

Gwen's ready to call the police. Leo wonders if Gwen will turn him in, but she wants to prove his innocence. Gwen reads off a text she's sending to Rafe. She thinks they should investigate Craig because Leo's being framed. She sends the text, which Leo didn't read. Leo is grateful that Gwen's letting him stay with her.

Brady Pub: Craig tells Nancy he's back because of Leo. Craig blames himself, but Nancy claims he didn't know Leo was dangerous. Clyde agrees and they formally meet each other. The three talk about Leo's hit list, but find it odd he hasn't made a move against Chloe or Brady. Craig claims Leo hasn't done anything because he's still in love with him.

Salem PD: Rafe and Gabi talk about Stefan and how he doesn't want to be around her. Gabi wants Rafe's help in tracking him down. Gabi tells Rafe she's engaged to Li, but Rafe questions her doubts now that Stefan's back. Gabi wonders if she can give up on the love of her life. Rafe gets a text from Gwen and tells Gabi he has to leave.

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Horton Square: Nancy wants to tell Chloe about her engagement alone, and leaves Craig and Clyde together. Craig brings up Chloe's concerns about Clyde's past. Clyde says he owns his past and has paid his debt to society. He adds that he's been trouble-free since his release from prison.

Craig doesn't think Clyde's good enough for Nancy, but Clyde leans in and outlines Craig's deceptions during his entire marriage. He thinks Craig should back off from being so judgmental. Craig has no regrets about living his true life, but does regret hurting Nancy so deeply. He vows to protect her from being hurt again. Clyde says he will give Nancy the love and respect she deserves. 

Chad rolls up into the square and is surprised to see Craig. Clyde wants an apology from Chad for being accused of Abigail's murder and he wants Craig to hear it.

DiMera Enterprises: Gabi talks to her wedding ring and wonders why Stefan can't remember how much they loved each other. Enter Stefan. Gabi notices he's still wearing his wedding ring and asks if he still loves her on some level.

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-Rafe busts in and arrests Leo. Gwen reveals her text was an SOS and tells Leo that one good turn deserves another. As Leo's being escorted out of the room, he tells Rafe he has the wrong man and points the finger at Craig.

-EJ interrupts Gabi and Stefan. He informs Gabi he's filed paperwork to get Stefan's shares returned to him.

-Jack leaves the room with the dirty sundae dishes and Jennifer pops a pill.

-Craig offers his condolences to Chad and gives him a stiff embrace. Craig questions what is wrong when he pulls away. Chad says it's nothing, but he thought he smelled vanilla.

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